Isabella Strahan, Michael Strahan’s daughter, cries after her chemotherapy is delayed

Michael Strahan’s daughter, Isabella, recently revealed a setback in her ongoing battle against brain tumor. She shared that her next round of chemotherapy has been postponed, adding to her disappointment.

In a recent YouTube video, the teenager candidly shared her experience of undergoing ongoing treatment. She openly explained to her followers the reasons behind her recent return to the hospital.

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As Isabella explained, she fell ill with a fever, which required her to receive an IV and undergo scans to determine the cause.

Isabella tearfully confessed that she couldn’t help but burst into tears when she saw the IV. She explained that her emotional reaction stemmed from the fact that she hadn’t required one for an extended period of time.

During the procedure, not only was she subjected to unpleasant treatment, but she also had to endure the discomfort of having a needle inserted into three different areas to drain fluid. She expressed that she was fully conscious throughout the entire process.

Just one month after her second craniotomy, Isabella had to undergo another one while she was still in the hospital. This procedure caused her to experience a tremendous amount of pain.

She admitted that she has shed many tears and is experiencing a great deal of pain. Comparing it to her previous experience, she mentioned that her face is not as swollen this time around, but even simple actions are excruciating for her.

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The young model expressed that she had difficulty eating for several days due to the intense pain she experienced.

Isabella was discharged from the hospital after a week, but unfortunately, she found herself back in the hospital a few days later because she was experiencing difficulty in breathing.


Isabella experienced some relief following her treatments, but soon discovered that there was a downside. She was disappointed to learn that her next round of chemotherapy, which was expected to be the second to last, had been postponed for an entire month.

“I couldn’t help but cry my heart out because it’s incredibly disheartening when you’re thinking, ‘Yes! I’ll be done by May!’ and then everything gets turned upside down because of a silly head infection.”

Isabella initially opened up about her diagnosis of medulloblastoma during her appearance on “Good Morning America” alongside her father. Michael shares Isabella and her twin sister, Sophia, with his ex-partner, Jean Muggli.

She is just 19 years old.

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