Hailey Bieber Stirs Controversy by Reigniting Speculated Selena Gomez Feud with Beyoncé Post

Hailey Bieber has once again become the target of internet trolls.

The founder of Rhode Beauty shared a screenshot of Beyoncé’s cover of the song “Jolene” from her new album Cowboy Carter on her Instagram Story on Friday, March 29. However, some social media users interpreted this update as a subtle dig at Selena Gomez.

“Phew 😤,” exclaimed Bieber, as he shared a screenshot of the album cover for the music icon’s most recent release.

In the song, Dolly Parton had previously made it famous. The lyrics portray a woman who engaged in flirtation with someone else’s spouse. Fans seemed to draw a connection between this storyline and the alleged past love triangle involving the model, her husband Justin Bieber, and the actress from “Only Murders in the Building.”

One individual on X, formerly known as Twitter, expressed their belief that Hailey Bieber’s fascination with Selena Gomez deserves further examination.

Another person chimed in, saying, “Hailey lacks self-confidence, and it’s only a matter of time before karma catches up with her.”

Another person joined the conversation by expressing their observation, stating, “She seems to be extremely fixated on this woman.”

While some individuals criticized the renowned celebrity’s child, others quickly stepped up to support her. “Is it really a problem if Hailey wants to enjoy a song?” one person asked in response.

A fifth person pointed out that Hailey is simply reposting a newly released song, and if anyone assumes that Selena feels targeted by it, that’s their interpretation.

In an interview, Bieber addressed the rumors of a feud between herself and Gomez, her former long-term partner. She emphasized the difficulty she has faced in dealing with the negative public perception. “There is no beef between us. It’s all about respect and love,” Bieber clarified.

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“We don’t owe anyone anything except respect. I have a deep respect for her, and there are no expectations between us. I truly respect her,” the model emphasized.

“I never want to enter a relationship, get engaged, and be married to someone and have doubts in the back of my mind about their past,” Bieber shared, referring to her partner’s previous relationship with the former Disney Channel star. “The reason we were able to reconcile and be together again is because we both knew that chapter was truly closed.”

In 2023, the cover girl emphasized the extent to which people on social media escalate the alleged feud. According to Bieber, it is concerning how completely fabricated and distorted narratives can give rise to despicable and dangerous levels of hatred. This statement highlights the potential risks associated with such behavior.

“I strongly disagree with the division that it caused. I am not in favor of this concept of being on one person’s team or another person’s team – it’s just not my thing,” she expressed.

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