Gwinnett man suspected of listing property on Zillow to steal $250K from victims is arrested

Gwinnett County police have apprehended a man who is accused of pilfering over $250,000 from at least three individuals through a fraudulent real estate scheme.

Channel 2 Gwinnett County Bureau Chief, Matt Johnson, has confirmed the recent booking of Jaylen Anderson, 23, into the Gwinnett jail on Thursday.

In January 2023, the investigation into Anderson began to unravel when two victims reached out to the police. They reported being scammed in a property deal they believed they were making in Ellenwood.

Luz Holdsworth was incredulous as she questioned, “How is it even possible for someone to steal such a huge sum of money?”

Holdsworth is one of the two victims. She informed Johnson that back in January, her family ended up losing their entire life savings after attempting to buy the property that was supposedly listed by Anderson.

Holdsworth said they came across the listing on Zillow, and they believed it was legitimate.

Holdsworth and the other victim each lost $100,000, according to the police.

Johnson discovered that the victims had already completed the payment of their earnest money and down payment. However, when they arrived at their attorney’s office to finalize the transaction, the attorney had to inform several individuals that they were not actually involved with the property in question.

According to the police, the victims managed to arrange a meeting and soon discovered that they had fallen victim to a scam.

Anderson stands accused of orchestrating an intricate scheme involving numerous properties throughout the metro Atlanta area.

According to the police, the individual in question will employ aliases in order to conceal his email addresses. These addresses will be associated with various law groups, creating an appearance of legitimacy.

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In August, another individual made an attempt to purchase the house. According to the Suwanee police, this victim reported that he had wired $50,000 to the person listed as the owner on Zillow. However, it is now believed that Anderson had deceived him as well.

Holdsworth emphasizes that she had never met anyone in person prior to sending the money and she assures that she will not repeat the same mistake in the future.

“I won’t send you any money if I don’t see you.”

If you have any information regarding the case, feel free to reach out to GCPD detectives at 770-513-5300.

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