Elin Nordegren, Tiger Woods’ former wife, is enjoying her role as a mother of six and fulfilling her dream of having a large family.

Tiger Woods’ former wife, Elin Nordegren, wore a bright smile on her face as they joined forces earlier this week to cheer on their son, Charlie. The occasion was to celebrate Charlie’s school winning the Class 1A golf title, and he was presented with a well-deserved ring as recognition for his achievement.

The insider disclosed that the blonde beauty, who had previously kept her distance from the father of her two eldest children, is now experiencing a newfound happiness as she raises a total of six kids alongside her partner, Jordan Cameron.

According to an insider, Elin had always desired a large family and was enamored with the notion of a bustling household filled with children. Now, she is living her ultimate dream as she embraces the joy of having a big family.

The 44-year-old model also has a 16-year-old daughter named Sam with the professional golfer, who is 48. She also has three children with Cameron, who is 35 and has a child from a previous relationship.

Back in 2015, Woods expressed his deep admiration for the strong connection they had managed to rebuild as co-parents following his highly publicized infidelity scandal.

“It’s amazing to have the kind of relationship I have with her,” he expressed to TIME. “We can simply call each other and have regular conversations.”

“It’s a joyful experience. We have conversations about our lives, exchanging stories and insights,” the athlete expressed. “We support and assist each other in every possible way, especially when it comes to raising our children. Through our shared commitment to parenting, she has become one of my closest friends. It’s amazing how my kids have brought us together.”

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According to a source, the exes were reportedly in conflict over their son’s future, as reported by OK! magazine.

According to an insider, Tiger believes that it would be wonderful for Charlie to have a destiny similar to his own. The source reveals that Tiger is not being forceful, but rather expressing his pride in his son and recognizing his immense potential.

According to an insider, Elin expresses concern that Charlie might feel suffocated. She believes that being a child in today’s world is already challenging enough without additional pressure.

Ultimately, “she acknowledges that it ultimately comes down to Charlie’s desires.”

After his split from restaurant manager Erica Herman in 2022, Woods faced a setback in his romantic life. Not only did she accuse him of sexual harassment, but she also filed a $30 million lawsuit and requested the nullification of their non-disclosure agreement (NDA) based on the Speak Out Act.

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In 2023, she decided to withdraw her lawsuit.

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