This Week, Federal Subpoenas Target Companies Associated with Diddy Amid Investigation

The federal authorities are taking further action beyond the recent raids on Diddy’s homes. They are now issuing subpoenas to companies that have business dealings with him. The goal is to identify individuals who may have information relevant to the ongoing sex trafficking investigation. This indicates that the authorities are leaving no stone unturned in their efforts to gather all necessary evidence.

According to sources who have direct knowledge of the situation, subpoenas were recently sent to various providers associated with the rapper Diddy, using his real name, Sean Combs. These providers include his private charter jet, phone providers, and computer companies.

The U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York, who is leading the investigation, has issued subpoenas.

According to our sources, subpoenas will also be sent to commercial airlines, and potentially to the FAA, as a precaution in case Diddy chose to travel by commercial flights instead of his private jet.

The federal authorities are currently focused on determining the identity of the individuals who traveled using Diddy’s funding and their respective destinations. Their objective is not limited to locating possible victims, but also includes identifying any potential witnesses who can either corroborate or challenge claims of human/sex trafficking.

It will be especially interesting to observe if individuals who have filed lawsuits against Diddy were aboard those planes.

Additionally, the subpoenas will provide the federal authorities with the opportunity to gather further information regarding Diddy’s involvement in these diverse businesses.

The federal investigation, which commenced with raids on Diddy’s residences in Los Angeles and Miami on Monday, emphasizes the significance of this aspect.

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The federal authorities have reportedly conducted interviews with several individuals who are associated with the lawsuits filed against Diddy.


Authorities need time to assess whether they have sufficient evidence to bring charges, given the extensive scope of the investigation.

At present, Diddy firmly denies any wrongdoing and has no travel restrictions in place.

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