Fisherman Saves Waterlogged Bald Eagle, Gives Her the Nickname “Fred”

Last year, a fisherman in Arkansas had a remarkable encounter that taught them the power of nonverbal communication. As they were immersed in nature, their attention was captured by a captivating sight – a wounded bald eagle. Without uttering a word, the fisherman knew they had to take action and embarked on a mission to rescue the helpless creature.

The fisherman initially observed without interfering as the bald eagle made an effort to snatch a salmon. Unfortunately, the bird became too soaked to carry on and eventually relinquished its pursuit. Recognizing the need for assistance, the fisherman decided to step in.

Rescue Mission for Injured Bald Eagle is a Success

The fisherman shared that he caught a salmon for her when she was exhausted and unable to fly.

As the hungry bird savored her meal, the fisherman reached out to the AK Raptor Center, a rehabilitation center dedicated to assisting injured birds. After the bald eagle finished her salmon, she made a heartwarming and unexpected choice that deeply touched her rescuer.

The fisherman recounts how, after devouring the salmon, the injured seal approached him with what appeared to be a plea for assistance. For the next half hour, she sat by his side, seemingly awaiting the arrival of those who would come to her aid.

Always remember to reach out to a wildlife rehabber in such situations. It is important to refrain from feeding injured wildlife unless specifically instructed by a professional. However, it is truly heartwarming to witness the profound impact this fisherman had on this adorable bird. It is equally true that our actions can have negative consequences as well.

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The fisherman enthusiastically recounts, “She was incredibly friendly and approachable. I even gave her a name, Fred. It was truly an extraordinary encounter that left a lasting impression on me.”

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