Widow’s Incredible $1 Billion Donation Pays For Medical Students Forever!

Ruth Gottesman has a longstanding connection with the Albert Einstein College of Medicine. Starting her career at the school in 1968, she is now a clinical professor emerita of pediatrics and also chairs the board of trustees. Given the opportunity to make a significant impact, it is no surprise that she immediately thought of the students at the college.

In 2022, Ruth experienced the loss of her husband. Little did she know that he had a surprise in store for her. At the age of 93, she discovered that he had bequeathed her $1 billion worth of Berkshire Hathaway stock. The magnitude of this unimaginable wealth opened up endless possibilities. Despite her newfound fortune, her late husband had left her with just one simple request.

When faced with the initial decision of what to do with the generous donation, it may have seemed overwhelming. However, it suddenly dawned on her that the Albert Einstein College of Medicine is situated in the Bronx, which happens to be the most economically disadvantaged borough in New York City. This realization ultimately led her to make the choice to donate the funds to assist the medical students at the college in covering their tuition fees. As a result, every aspiring medical student at this institution will be forever relieved from the burdensome financial obstacle of higher education.

$1 Billion Donation From Ruth Gottesman Covers Bronx Medical School Tuition Forever!

Yes, it’s incredible but true: this donation will have a lasting impact. It’s a testament to the immense potential of a billion dollars when used for good. To put things into perspective, consider that the cost of just one year’s tuition at the school surpasses $59,000.

The donation has left the students in awe, as they are truly astonished by the impact it will have on their lives. Ruth, who personally delivered the news, witnessed their priceless reactions firsthand.

According to Dr. Yaron Tomer, the Marilyn and Stanley M. Katz dean at the school, this donation will bring about a significant change in our capacity to attract students who are dedicated to our mission, rather than just those who have the financial means. He also emphasizes that this contribution will provide our students with more opportunities to pursue projects and ideas that they may not have been able to explore otherwise.

Ruth Gottesman’s Generosity Opens Doors for Countless Students

Ruth acknowledges the profound influence her donation has on both present and future students. She expresses her aspiration that this contribution will create opportunities for a broader range of applicants to attend the school.

The school must not change its name as a condition for receiving this generous donation. This requirement aims to ensure that the school does not rename itself in her honor, which is a common practice when large donations are received.

Ruth initially considered not associating her name with the donation. However, she had a change of heart when Phillip Ozuah, the college overseer, explained that her story has the potential to inspire others.

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Phillip admires someone who is completely devoted to the well-being of others and seeks no praise or acknowledgment.

The inspiring story of a widow’s incredible $1 billion donation that will forever pay for the tuition of medical students!

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