Breaking News: Tucker Carlson Criticizes Putin

During a podcast episode hosted by Lex Fridman and released on Tuesday, Carlson delved into his much-debated interview with Putin, which has garnered significant criticism. This encounter with the Kremlin leader marked an unprecedented occasion, as it was the first time Putin had agreed to be interviewed by a Western media representative since the onset of the Ukraine conflict.

During the interview, Putin and Carlson covered a wide range of topics, delving into Russian history and discussing Putin’s insights on the upcoming U.S. presidential election. Carlson shared his initial impression of Putin, describing him as appearing somewhat nervous. According to Carlson, the Russian president approached the interview with a sense of excessive preparedness, akin to an overzealous student.

“I found it to be one of the most foolish ideas I had ever come across,” Carlson shared with Fridman. “I couldn’t grasp its meaning.”

“I despise that entire conversation because it lacks authenticity,” he continued. “It’s simply ad hominem. It’s a tactic used to link someone to a defunct malevolent regime.”

Nazism, as defined by the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, refers to the set of beliefs and principles upheld by the Nazi Party under the leadership of Adolf Hitler in Germany. Carlson argues that Nazism is no longer in existence as it is closely tied to the German nation.

During the conversation with Fridman, he expressed his strong opposition to Nazism, stating, “I’m very anti-Nazi.” He further clarified that his intention behind the statement was to emphasize that there is no active Nazi movement in 2024, using it as a means to condemn individuals for their malevolent actions.

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During his conversation with Carlson, Putin expressed his dissatisfaction, stating that he had expected the former television host to exhibit an aggressive demeanor and pose what he referred to as “sharp questions.”

“I didn’t just anticipate this, I desired it, as it would provide me with the chance to retaliate in a similar manner,” Putin expressed.

During the interview, the Russian leader openly made fun of Carlson, highlighting the irony of his repeated unsuccessful attempts to secure a job with the CIA.

According to Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov, Putin granted an interview to Carlson due to his unique perspective that sets him apart from other Western media outlets.

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