De Niro compares Trump to Hitler and Mussolini: voters not taking the threat’seriously’

Robert De Niro expresses his bewilderment at the lack of seriousness with which voters regard Donald Trump. He draws comparisons between the former president and notorious historical figures such as Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini.

During a Tuesday appearance on “The View,” the actor from “Ezra” expressed his confusion regarding the lack of seriousness people show towards Trump.

In a recent interview, Robert De Niro, a prominent critic of Donald Trump, expressed his concerns about not taking certain individuals seriously. He drew parallels with historical figures such as Hitler and Mussolini, emphasizing the consequences of underestimating individuals who may initially appear foolish or clownish. De Niro’s statement serves as a reminder of the importance of taking people seriously, regardless of their demeanor.

He questioned the 45th president, “Who doesn’t believe that this man will follow through on his promises?”

“He has already accomplished it,” the 80-year-old Academy Award winner added.

“So what happens next? Are we just going to sit around and say, ‘We told you so?'”

“It’s inevitable. If he is elected, it will transform this country for all,” De Niro asserted.

“He said that those who support him with anger and hate, because that is what he represents, will eventually see the consequences of their actions.”

Whoopi Goldberg, one of the co-hosts of ABC’s daytime talk show, expressed her belief that if Trump were to be re-elected, he would continue to serve as president without interruption.

“You get it? His plan is to stick around until he kicks the bucket,” Goldberg remarked.

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De Niro nodded in agreement, saying, “That’s it.”

“He’s not conceding it now. So just think about what would happen if he actually did win the election – it would be chaos. We would be faced with such intense civil unrest,” De Niro expressed.

In a statement last year, Trump made it clear that he would not pursue a third term in office if he were to win reelection, as the Constitution prohibits it.

“When it comes to solving the problems we’ve discussed, some people may say it will take eight years, but I disagree. I believe that within the next six months to a year, we will be able to address and resolve almost all of the issues we’ve just discussed,” stated Trump confidently in September.

De Niro has consistently voiced his criticism of Trump, going so far as to express his desire to “punch” him in the face and labeling him a “flat-out blatant racist.” In response, the former president has not held back, referring to De Niro as a “very low IQ individual.”

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