Peggy Moore, former Obama official, and spouse killed in tragic car accident in California

According to police, a tragic car accident in California claimed the lives of a former campaign worker for former President Barack Obama and her spouse last week.

Peggy Moore, 60, and Hope Wood, 48, were riding in a Jeep pickup truck when it crashed into a sedan on Highway 76 near Fallbrook, as reported by NBC Bay Area.

The crash claimed the lives of both individuals involved.

Sadly, the wreck claimed the lives of both the 60-year-old driver of the Jeep and the driver of the sedan. However, there was a glimmer of hope as a third passenger in the Jeep managed to survive the tragic accident.

The medical examiner only identified Moore as a victim, but online tributes later revealed the names of the other victims who tragically lost their lives, including Moore’s wife.

In a recent post on X/Twitter, Congresswoman Barbara Lee paid tribute to the remarkable women who have made a lasting impact.

During our conversation, she expressed her close relationship with Moore, describing her as a dear friend, a dedicated activist, and one of the most skilled organizers she had ever encountered.

According to the writer, the strong commitment and advocacy for justice and equality is what united her with Hope. They both collaborated to bring about change, influencing people’s perspectives and contributing to the creation of a society where one’s love does not restrict their rights and liberties.

According to her, the women have left a lasting impact on our community, city, state, and nation that will be felt for generations to come.

The Chair of the California Democratic Party, Rusty Hicks, expressed his sorrow over the tragic loss of Peggy Moore. In a heartfelt post on Twitter, he described her as an exceptional political talent and a valuable member of Team CADEM. Rusty acknowledged Peggy’s unwavering dedication to organizing and her steadfast commitment to justice, emphasizing that she brought these qualities to her work every single day.

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Ms. Schaff fondly remembers Moore’s warm and friendly nature, and she often encountered familiar faces wherever she went.

According to Ms. Schaff in an interview with KRON4, whenever she would go anywhere with Peggy, it would always take a long time because Peggy knew everyone. For Peggy, politics was a personal matter that involved connecting with others despite our differences. It was about uplifting our collective aspirations and spreading love.

According to her, those near the couple found solace in the fact that the women passed away instantly and in each other’s company.

She mentioned that her friends and family are both shocked and somewhat comforted by the notion that they departed abruptly and without suffering, as well as the fact that they departed together.

Moore and Wood crossed paths during their involvement in the 2008 campaign for then-presidential candidate Mr. Obama.

In 2019, they co-founded the consultancy and coaching firm, Hope Action Change, with a strong focus on promoting diversity and equality.

Before joining our team, Moore had an impressive background in politics. She was once the campaign manager for former Oakland Mayor Libby Schaff and also worked as a senior adviser in Schaff’s office from 2015 to 2017, as stated on her LinkedIn page.

During the campaign for district attorney in Contra Costa County, California, she served as a general consultant for Diana Betcon’s successful bid.

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