Connecticut murder conspiracy case against Michelle Troconis hears testimony from ‘Handyman

On Tuesday, the Connecticut murder conspiracy case against Michelle Troconis saw the testimony of a self-proclaimed handyman.

Troconis’ family stood outside the courthouse, proudly sharing the letters of support they had received from the community. These heartfelt messages served as a powerful testament to Troconis’ innocence, giving her family strength and hope during this challenging time.

Marisela Troconis, the sister of Troconis, attests to Michelle’s qualities, describing her as a responsible, thoughtful, caring, and loving individual who would never engage in actions that could cause harm to others.

During the court proceedings, a crucial witness for the prosecution took the stand to begin his testimony.

Jennifer Dulos’ death has resulted in Troconis being charged with conspiracy to commit murder and evidence tampering.

Gumienny initially did not suspect that Fotis Dulos was involved.

Gumienny expressed that he had known this individual for a significant amount of time, and he had placed his trust in him due to his positive character.

Gumienny finally confronted Dulos when he noticed that Dulos had the truck professionally cleaned and kept urging him to replace the seats in the vehicle.

Gumienny recounted the incident with a smile, recalling the moment when he confronted the person who had cleaned his truck. “You were never going to do it,” the person said to him. Gumienny couldn’t help but ask, “Seriously, why did you clean my truck?” The person simply replied, “Don’t worry about it, there’s nothing going on.”

Gumienny expressed his fear of losing his job and putting his green card status at risk during his testimony.

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On Wednesday, his testimony will continue as he has been granted immunity in exchange for his cooperation.

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