Post Malone admits his affinity for country music, shares stage with Brad Paisley at Stagecoach

Post Malone, the renowned rapper, surprised the Stagecoach crowd at INDIO, Calif. with his undeniable talent and passion for country music. On Saturday, he captivated the audience with a heartfelt set of country music covers, showcasing his versatility and vocal prowess.

With his tattoos on display, the singer strolled onto the Mane Stage exuding the essence of a genuine country star. He sported a classic plaid shirt and jeans, a red Solo cup in hand, and held a lit cigarette.

“We’re going to perform a collection of songs that I absolutely adore,” exclaimed Post Malone, introducing himself as Austin Richard Post. He followed in the footsteps of Friday night headliner Eric Church, who mesmerized the audience with a series of gospel songs that were not his own. However, unlike Church’s set, festivalgoers were well aware of Post’s plans. The Stagecoach lineup had already unveiled that he would be delivering “a special set of country covers.”

Eric Church wows festivalgoers with an electrifying acoustic gospel set at Stagecoach.

Post started his 45-minute set with a rendition of Tyler Childers’ “Whitehouse Road.” His country twang and impressive range were on full display as he belted out the lyrics. A wide grin spread across Post’s face, hinting at the incredible performance that was about to unfold for the audience.

To make the night even more unforgettable, Post invited several country stars to join him on stage and perform their songs. The first to arrive was fellow Stagecoach artist Dwight Yoakam, who joined Post for a duet of “Little Ways.” After their performance, Post expressed his admiration for Yoakam, describing him as one of the kindest and most awesome people in the universe. He felt incredibly honored to have him join him on stage.

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The crowd burst into cheers as Brad Paisley took the stage, performing his hit song “I’m Gonna Miss Her.”

Paisley engaged with the crowd, asking, “How’s he doing?” The audience responded with enthusiastic cheers and applause. Paisley expressed his belief that Post was destined for this moment. Additionally, Paisley performed “One More Last Chance” by Vince Gill and even offered Post a beer as the set came to a close. Paisley stayed on stage to support Post, playing the guitar for his final song.

At last, Sara Evans took the stage with “Suds in the Bucket,” and Post ensured that she had the opportunity to showcase her incredible vocals. As the song came to an end, they embraced in a heartfelt hug, evoking a wave of emotions among the audience.

The absence of Beyoncé, who collaborated with him on the track “LEVII’S JEANS” for her recent country-inspired album “Cowboy Carter,” was a disappointment for some. Despite this, Post Malone managed to keep the party alive and thriving.

Post would sometimes jokingly warn the audience that he might “mess it up,” but he never did. He had an infectious energy and a genuine love for the artists and songs he covered. Some of the other popular hits he performed included John Michael Montgomery’s “Be My Baby Tonight,” George Strait’s “Check Yes or No,” and Alan Jackson’s “Chattahoochee.”

During his performance, the singer also took a moment to pay tribute to the people who hold a special place in his heart. Prior to singing Tim McGraw’s heartfelt ballad “Don’t Take the Girl,” Post acknowledged the profound impact the song has had on him since becoming a father. The emotional resonance of the song was palpable, as it prompted the crowd to engage in slow dancing, gentle swaying, and embracing one another tightly.

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Post joined a lineup of talented performers paying tribute to Toby Keith by belting out his hit “Who’s Your Daddy?” Last Friday, Jelly Roll and T-Pain serenaded the audience with a rendition of “Should’ve Been a Cowboy,” honoring the country legend who had been a source of inspiration for both artists.

As the clock struck 9 p.m. to signal the conclusion of his set, Post was not ready to call it a night just yet. He continued to perform for a few extra minutes, even venturing into the crowd to graciously sign autographs. Meanwhile, Paisley and his band kept the music going, jamming out on stage. Although country music may not be his primary genre, the Stagecoach crowd made it abundantly clear that Post is more than welcome to explore and embrace the genre whenever he desires.

Post Malone recently surprised fans at the Stagecoach music festival by revealing his admiration for country music. The popular rapper joined forces with country superstar Brad Paisley for a memorable performance that delighted the crowd. Post Malone’s unexpected foray into the country genre showcased his versatility as an artist and his appreciation for different styles of music. This collaboration between the two musicians exemplified the power of music to bring people from diverse backgrounds together.

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