NYPD: 3 migrants arrested in citywide crime spree

New York – In a citywide crime spree that involved stealing women’s phones off the street, three migrants were apprehended in the Bronx early Monday.

The suspected safe house was raided by the police, who executed a search warrant and apprehended the individuals involved.

Multiple robberies and grand larcenies are expected to be charged against them, and authorities are actively seeking additional charges.

All the suspects are believed to be from Venezuela.

Detectives suspect that the culprits were seizing the phones with the intention of gaining access to the Apple Pay functionality. They would then proceed to utilize the credit cards associated with the phones to make various purchases.

Grand jury to hear evidence after brutal assault on NYPD officers

NYPD Assistant Commissioner Kaz Daughtry expressed on social media that many migrants come to NYC with the hope of improving their lives. However, he acknowledged that there are also individuals who arrive with the intention of committing crimes. In a recent operation, while most of NYC was asleep, Mayor @NYCMayor, NYPD Chief Patrol @NYPDChiefPatrol, NYPD Detectives @NYPDDetectives, and other members of the NYPD collaborated with investigators and specialized teams to execute a search warrant. This operation involved forcefully entering a location and making several arrests. Daughtry highlighted that this operation marked significant progress in addressing the city’s largest robbery pattern. The message from the NYPD is clear – if you commit a crime in our city, we will relentlessly pursue you and ensure that you face justice.

“According to Mayor Adams, there are 172,000 migrants and asylum seekers in our country. These individuals, like many of us, simply desire the same things for their families. However, it is important to address those who believe they can enter our country illegally, disregard our laws, and harm our law enforcement officers. Mayor Adams emphasizes that such actions not only endanger individuals but also jeopardize our overall public safety.”

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“Their behavior is horrible. They need to deport them,” a resident said.

Maria Ortiz says she’s been living on the block for nine years.

Lately, she says mopeds are everywhere and crime has gotten worse.

“I’m ready to move out,” she said. “Yeah. I’m out of here.”

The news comes as criticism grows against Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg

after just one of several migrants believed to have attacked two police officers in Times Square was put behind bars. Four others were released without bail.

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