Brian Cox, star of ‘Succession’, shares his thoughts on religion and criticizes the Bible as ‘one of the worst books’

Brian Cox dismisses the holy book as having no chance of being true.

In a recent interview on “The Starting Line Podcast,” the renowned actor from “Succession” shared his thoughts on religion, delving into his critical perspective on the Christian Bible.

In response to Rich Leigh’s question on whether religion hinders humanity’s progress, Cox wholeheartedly concurred.

According to Cox, religion hinders our progress because it is based on external belief systems rather than our own inner selves. He argues that religious teachings often dictate what we should believe and how we should behave, without considering our individuality. Cox suggests that the concept of God itself is a human creation, serving as a means of control and perpetuating patriarchal norms.

In an interview with Brian Cox, the actor shares his initial misconception about the title “007: Road to a Million.” Cox reveals that he mistakenly believed it was his upcoming Bond movie. However, to his surprise, he later discovered that it is actually a game show.

Why Brian Cox thinks the Bible is ‘one of the worst books ever’

Cox criticized the role of religion in gender inequality, pointing out the Christian parable of Adam and Eve as an example.

“We must acknowledge and respect women, and ensure they are given the recognition they deserve. However, society has been reluctant to do so, often citing the story of Adam and Eve as a justification. This deeply ingrained belief system has its roots in historical propaganda,” expressed Cox. “From my perspective, the Bible is one of the most problematic books, as it perpetuates and reinforces these harmful narratives.”

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“People believe that a woman was created from Adam’s rib, and this idea is based on the assumption that people are gullible.”

Cox recognized that there are people who may seek solace in religion for spiritual guidance. However, he expressed his dissatisfaction with the underlying principles of religious ideology.

According to Cox, it is crucial to provide people with the information they need, but it is equally important to be honest with them. He believes that individuals require some form of truth, rather than being fed false information. Cox refers to the misinformation as a “mythology” that should be avoided.

Brian Cox discusses his thoughts on the hit TV show “Succession” and shares his opinion on his co-star Jeremy Strong’s acting technique. According to Cox, Strong’s approach to acting can be quite irritating.

Brian Cox on role of religion in Israel-Hamas conflict

Cox also delved into the profound impact of religion on the ongoing conflict in the Middle East, particularly highlighting the Israel-Hamas war and its devastating consequences for the Gaza region.

According to the Scottish actor, he is not hopeful that the unrest will completely subside due to differing belief systems.

According to Cox, the belief in a higher power that looks after us, commonly known as God, is a flawed notion. He argues that we, as humans, often overlook the importance of self-reflection and introspection. Instead of constantly seeking answers and validation externally, Cox suggests that we should prioritize understanding ourselves and exploring our own identities.

Actor Brian Cox, known for his role in the hit TV series “Succession,” recently shared his thoughts on religion and the Bible. In a candid interview, Cox expressed his opinion that the Bible is “one of the worst books.” He discussed his views on religion, citing the harmful impact it can have on society. Cox’s remarks offer a glimpse into his personal beliefs and shed light on his perspective on religious texts.

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