Trump’s apparent sleep during his trial is actually a result of his strict adherence to the gag order

Once again, the liberal media is accusing President Donald Trump of dozing off during his unfair criminal trial in Manhattan.

During Tuesday’s court proceedings, some journalists made the assumption that former President Trump had fallen asleep while listening to the testimony. They based this conclusion on the fact that they were physically present in the courtroom and observed him appearing to stir and then seemingly falling back to sleep.

That’s incorrect!

Trump is not the type to doze off in court, and any claims suggesting otherwise are absurd. What the media witnessed on Tuesday was a display of strength and determination from America’s exceptional president. He closed his eyes with purpose, demonstrating his unwavering commitment to upholding the Constitution, even in the face of an unconstitutional gag order.

Trump isn’t sleeping at his trial – he’s multitasking!

Earlier today, the judge made a ruling stating that Trump had violated the gag order on nine occasions in the past. As a consequence, the judge fined him $9,000 and even mentioned the possibility of imprisonment if the violations persisted. In an unexpected display of dominance, Trump responded by choosing to remain silent, so much so that he closed his eyes, giving the illusion of occasionally losing consciousness.

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Make America Great Again!

But these courtroom naps are not the only thing happening here. You see, Trump is a master multitasker, so when the fake news correspondents mistakenly believe he’s dozing off, he is actually fully immersed in deep thought. These moments are when he is meticulously planning out highly specific policy positions that he will soon present to the public. And just to clarify, these presentations will happen in two weeks’ time.

Trump is clearly using the trial to stake out policy positions

As any devoted supporter of MAGA knows, Trump consistently provides detailed and fact-based policy proposals within two weeks of mentioning them. This is a testament to his thoughtful approach and unwavering love for America.

You’ll have to wait two weeks from whenever you ask to find out his healthcare plan to replace Obamacare. The same goes for his infrastructure plan.

A memo from the PR team of South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem regarding the unfortunate incident involving her dog.

During a recent interview with Time magazine, Trump was asked about his announcement regarding the abortion pill mifepristone that he had mentioned in their previous conversation. The interviewer pointed out that no announcement had been made yet and asked if he would like to make one now.

Trump confidently and reasonably states, “No, I haven’t. I will be doing it over the next week or two.”

Apologies, liberals, but that’s the type of astute and discreet strategizing that Trump is employing while he is supposedly taking a nap in the courtroom. And you will get all the details in just two weeks.

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Trump is also deep in thought about how best to complain outside the courtroom

And if that doesn’t already impress you, Trump’s immense intellect is constantly at work, even during those moments when he closes his eyes and nods his head (definitely not sleeping). His mind is laser-focused on maximizing his free time outside of the trial.

We are enraged, just like Trump and his supporters, that the trial is preventing him from hitting the campaign trail. It is a blatant example of election interference, and it is causing Trump to dedicate a significant portion of his time during the trial to strategizing how he can express his frustration about not being able to campaign.

Trump is so mad about not being able to campaign that he’s not campaigning

Over the weekend and on Monday, there was no trial, and Trump didn’t engage in any campaign events on those days. Instead, he took the opportunity to play a lot of golf, which can be seen as a confident and assertive move.

Why aren’t the loyal supporters of Make America Great Again (MAGA) protesting Trump’s trial and pity party?

But before entering the cold courtroom on Tuesday morning, Trump expressed his feelings, saying, “I’m about to endure a long day, sitting in the icebox for about eight or nine hours. Honestly, I’d prefer to be in Georgia or Florida, actively campaigning in swing states.”

It requires a significant amount of mental energy to refrain from participating in campaign events on days that are free, only to later lament about the inability to campaign on days when one finds themselves as a defendant in a criminal trial. This displays an exceptional level of stamina.

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Don’t call these ‘Trump naps’ – that’s just him doing his best work

I’m certain that when those unreliable journalists witnessed what they perceived as Trump dozing off in the courtroom on Tuesday, he was actually meticulously strategizing his next outburst about the injustice of being held responsible. Afterwards, he would likely head home and unleash a series of scathing social media posts.

Wake up, people! Take a moment to comprehend the true cause behind Trump’s closed eyes.

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