Actor Johnny Wactor from ‘General Hospital’ tragically killed in Los Angeles: Mother mourns the loss of a remarkable individual

“Johnny Wactor, who was known for his role in “General Hospital,” tragically lost his life in a shooting incident in downtown Los Angeles on Saturday morning,” Fox News Digital has confirmed.

Scarlett Wactor, the mother of the individual in question, personally spoke with Fox News Digital over the phone to verify the information.

She stated that he and a co-worker were requested to stay late at a rooftop bar where he worked as a bartender in order to clean up. They were heading back to their cars around 3 or 3:30 a.m.

Johnny Wactor’s life was tragically cut short in downtown Los Angeles when he was shot and killed during a car theft incident. This devastating news was confirmed by his grieving mother, Scarlett Wactor. The incident serves as a harsh reminder of the dangers that can lurk in our cities.

‘General Hospital’ actor Tyler Christopher’s cause of death has been confirmed.

She observed that the workplace lacked designated parking for employees.

“I believe that if he had arrived just two minutes earlier or two minutes later, he would still be alive,” she reflected on the situation.

According to TMZ, the authorities have not yet confirmed the identity of Wactor, but the incident aligns with a reported case involving three suspects attempting to steal a catalytic converter. Currently, there is no information available regarding the descriptions of the suspects involved.

Wactor stumbled upon a group of individuals attempting to steal the catalytic converter from his car as he was leaving his job, as reported by TMZ.

Wactor began his television career in the acclaimed series “Army Wives” before making appearances in other popular shows such as “Animal Kingdom,” “Criminal Minds,” and “Westworld.”

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He portrayed the character of Brando Corbin on “General Hospital” for a total of 164 episodes spanning from 2020 to 2022.

He recently appeared in the horror anthology film “Dead Talk Tales: Volume I.”

Wactor graced the screens of “General Hospital” in a remarkable 164 episodes spanning from 2020 to 2022.

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According to Wactor’s mother, authorities have indicated that an autopsy is being planned. Once his body is released, the family intends to bring him back to South Carolina for funeral services.

Scarlett Wactor expressed her profound sorrow and shared an intimate glimpse into the life of her beloved son. She emphasized that the loss of this exceptional individual has left an immense void in both her and her brother’s lives. Reflecting on the memories of her late husband, Scarlett highlighted that he too was cherished by friends and family. Describing her son as a vibrant and resilient soul, she shared that he lived his life with boundless optimism, always pursuing his dreams.

“And what’s even more insane is that he didn’t even try to stop them from taking it. They could have simply walked away or taken the car, and he probably would have just handed it over. It’s clear that they were dealing with a truly cowardly individual. I truly hope that they are caught and that justice is served for Johnny. That’s all I can hope and pray for. I know that I will see him again, but here on Earth, it’s going to be an incredibly difficult journey without him for me and his brothers.”

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Scarlett and Wactor’s brothers, Lance and Grant, are the ones who have survived him.

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