High-speed chase ensues as suspects attempt to flee through Los Angeles and Orange County

On Friday night, police apprehended two individuals after they engaged in a perilous high-speed pursuit throughout Orange County.

The chase started in the San Pedro-Wilmington area when officers from LAPD’s Harbor Division began pursuing a reckless driver.

AIR7 HD was present at the scene as the chase unfolded, capturing the suspect reaching speeds of up to 120 mph on the southbound lanes of the 405 Freeway in Orange County. The suspect was seen dangerously weaving through traffic.

The suspect, driving a blue Chevy Cruze, was observed speeding through red lights. Right around 9 p.m., the suspect entered the John Wayne Airport with California Highway Patrol units in hot pursuit.

Two individuals were apprehended when the suspect eventually came to a halt in the parking structure.

No specific information about the suspects was immediately disclosed.

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