Man from Massachusetts apprehended following stabbing rampage at AMC theater, injuring 6 individuals at McDonald’s

A man from Massachusetts has been apprehended following a series of stabbings that occurred in separate incidents, including one at a movie theater where four girls were among the victims. State and local authorities believe that these attacks may be related.

Around one hour later, a McDonald’s in Plymouth, a coastal town about 27 miles southeast of Braintree, became the scene of a stabbing incident. A 21-year-old woman and a 29-year-old man were the unfortunate victims in this case. Massachusetts State Police promptly responded to the incident and provided assistance. Both victims were then transported to nearby hospitals where they received treatment for their injuries. Thankfully, their injuries were not life-threatening.

According to Braintree police, it seems that the two attacks, although happening in different locations, are related.

According to Braintree police, authorities were able to identify the suspect’s vehicle and subsequently initiated a pursuit led by state police. The pursuit came to an end in Sandwich, approximately 45 miles southeast of Braintree, when the suspect’s vehicle crashed. Following the crash, the driver was apprehended and transported to a hospital for medical treatment. Thankfully, the injuries sustained by the suspect were deemed non-life-threatening, as confirmed by the authorities.

Jared Ravizza, 26, from Chilmark, has been identified as the suspect by the Plymouth County District Attorney’s Office on Sunday. Ravizza is set to face several charges in Plymouth District Court on Tuesday, including assault with intent to murder, as well as two counts of assault and battery with a dangerous weapon.

The Massachusetts State Police is actively and continuously investigating the case, according to the country district attorney’s office.

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After the incident, the suspect quickly left the theater premises and made his getaway in a black SUV, as per the police report. Law enforcement officials were able to analyze the surveillance footage, which helped them track his movements and even obtain the license plate number of the vehicle.

“They appeared as though they had just witnessed a horrifying film rather than a children’s movie,” said Mateo Rojas, a moviegoer who spoke to Boston25 news. “The children emerged from the theater looking truly stunned.”

According to the police, a vehicle that matched their description was allegedly involved in an assault in Plymouth.

Ravizza, on the run, left the scene before state troopers arrived. They later found his vehicle in Sandwich and tried to pull him over. However, he refused to stop and ended up crashing the vehicle.

State police have indicated that a preliminary investigation points to a possible link with a previous incident at a movie theater in Braintree. This earlier incident resulted in non-life threatening injuries to four juveniles.

A Massachusetts man was taken into custody after a violent stabbing incident that occurred at an AMC theater, resulting in injuries to six individuals.

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