50 Indiana National Guard members are being sent to Texas

Fifty members of the Indiana National Guard will be deployed to Texas to provide assistance with security measures along the southern U.S. border. The request for this deployment was made by Texas Governor Greg Abbott, and it is scheduled to begin in mid-March and last for a duration of ten months. This decision was made following a visit to the border by Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb, who held meetings with other governors.

“Whatever the mission – whether it’s supporting a Hoosier community in the face of natural disaster, standing with our allies or against our adversaries overseas, or protecting the border – the soldiers and airmen of the Indiana National Guard are uniquely trained, equipped and capable of mobilizing whenever and wherever we’re called,” said Major General Dale Lyles, the adjutant general of the Indiana National Guard. “We stand ready to support the Texas National Guard in securing the southern border.”

Governor Holcomb took to Twitter today (X) to express his commitment to combating the drug epidemic in Indiana. He emphasized the importance of preventing a continuous influx of dangerous drugs across the open U.S. border, as it poses a significant risk to the lives of Hoosiers.

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