Why Alabama Power is giving some customers a $5 rebate

Alabama Power users in Alabama will soon receive a $5 credit from the company. This comes after Alabama Power exceeded the state’s 6.15% profit cap in 2023, according to the Alabama Public Service Commission.

APSC President Twinkle Andress Cavanaugh stated in the commission’s Feb. 6 meeting that any excess earnings are returned to the customer.

“And residential customers who typically use 1,000 kilowatts will see a $5 credit applied to their bill to account for any overpayments made in the previous year.”

Alabama Power customers can expect to receive approximately $14.8 million in refunds, as confirmed by the APSC. These refunds will be issued to customers in the coming months.

Customers have received rebates in the past, with $62 million being returned to them in 2023. This equated to approximately $23 per person.

AL.com recently reported that there are already concerns among many customers about being overcharged in 2024.

On January 26, a tweet expressed the sentiment that the people of this state are aware of how this monopoly takes advantage of them by charging arbitrary prices.

“I can’t believe how cold it is in my house, even though I’m not using any heating. And to make matters worse, my electricity bill is skyrocketing to $300. It’s frustrating to think that Alabama Power is aware of what they’re doing. This situation is just ridiculous.”

The company has not increased its rates in approximately a year. It made a series of adjustments during that time, which it attributed to federal mandates, inflation, and economic conditions.

According to Anthony Cook, communications principal with Alabama Power, the increase in power bills in Alabama during the extreme cold snap in late December/early January can be attributed to the weather conditions.

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According to him, the recent frigid temperatures in the state have led to increased electricity usage among customers, resulting in higher power bills in some cases.

According to the spokesperson, the recent power bills reflect the significant amount of energy consumed in order to maintain a warm indoor environment during the prolonged period of frigid weather. With temperatures dropping well below freezing for the majority of January, households in Alabama faced the challenge of staying warm amidst the extreme cold.

Alabama Power representatives have not yet responded to a request for comment regarding the upcoming rebates.

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