White House leverages GOP recess to emphasize the need for action on Ukraine aid

The White House intensified its criticism of House Republican leadership, accusing them of going on a “vacation” without approving funds for Ukraine and addressing the border.

According to a memo obtained by POLITICO, spokesperson Andrew Bates stated that House Republicans are actively causing damage to American national security by continuing their two-week vacation. This ongoing situation is accumulating more harm with each passing day.

The memo contains a collection of potential threats that could arise if the funding is not approved, referred to as a “vacation reading packet.” These threats include Russia’s advancement on the Ukrainian battle line and a potential decline in American defense manufacturing. Additionally, the memo highlights the support of the Border Patrol Union and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce for the Senate’s bipartisan border deal, despite its rejection by House Republicans.

Ever since the Senate gave its approval to a $95 billion national defense supplemental, the White House has been urging House Republicans to take up the bill and give it their approval. However, Speaker Mike Johnson and his leadership team have dismissed the bill as “dead on arrival” in their chamber and have made it clear that they will not bring it to a vote.

According to Taylor Haulsee, spokesperson for Johnson, House Republicans have consistently emphasized the importance of prioritizing border security when it comes to any national security supplemental. Haulsee expressed their surprise that the White House-Senate bill, which was negotiated over a period of four months without the involvement of the House, does not address the border issue at all. This is particularly concerning considering that border security is a top priority for the majority of Americans.

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According to him, the matter will be determined by the House in its own way.

The House adjourned on Thursday and is expected to reconvene in a week.

Shortly after the chamber adjourned without addressing the supplemental bill, disturbing news emerged regarding the tragic demise of Russian dissident Alexei Navalny. Democrats contend that his death in a Russian prison heightens the importance for Republicans to swiftly pass the funding necessary for Ukraine to counter Russian aggression.

President Joe Biden has ignored Johnson’s repeated requests for a meeting.

The White House has limited options remaining, apart from exerting political pressure on Republicans to consider the bill.

According to Bates, Speaker Johnson’s refusal to cancel Republicans’ vacation demonstrates a prioritization of internal politics over the safety of the American people. This decision not only undermines Ukraine’s defenses but also poses a threat to NATO and denies military assistance to Israel.

Politicians often face criticism for taking time off from their duties in Washington. The Biden administration is not exempt from such scrutiny, as Republicans have frequently targeted President Biden for his regular weekend visits to his beach home in Delaware and his vacations.

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