Kodak Black’s Lawyer Expects Rapper to be Released Tonight Following Dismissal of Drug Possession Charge

According to Kodak Black’s lawyer, it appears that the rapper may be released from jail tonight. In a recent Instagram post, the lawyer discussed the dismissal of the drug possession charges and shared some intriguing news.

“Federal Probation has been terminated after serving the required time,” stated Bradford Cohen. “In the Southern District of Florida, Judge Maritnez dismissed all significant charges, and Kodak pleaded guilty to the single violation of failing to report police contact. He has served his time, and he is expected to be released tonight. I would like to thank my co-counsel @skywriter.esq for their assistance throughout this case.”


In a previous update this month, we informed you that Kodak Black, who had been incarcerated since December, had his possession of Oxycodone charge dismissed by a Broward County judge.

In December, Black, also known as Bill Kapri, was apprehended in Plantation after being found asleep behind the wheel by police officers. During the arrest, authorities discovered white powder in his mouth. Initially believed to be cocaine, subsequent lab tests revealed it to be oxycodone, a prescription drug that Black had validly obtained, as argued by his attorney.

In her order granting the motion to dismiss, Judge Barbara Duffy noted that the arguments presented by the State Attorney’s Office failed to invalidate the fact that the Defendant had obtained a prescription for Oxycodone from a pharmacy. The State’s assertion that the Defendant needed to provide further evidence regarding the prescription drug was not accompanied by any allegation or demonstration that the prescription obtained by the Defendant on July 19, 2022, was invalid or obtained illegally.

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The rapper had been charged with two criminal offenses: possession of oxycodone and tampering with physical evidence. However, at present, only the tampering with evidence charge remains. Bradford Cohen, his attorney, is optimistic about getting that charge dismissed as well.

“I wasn’t surprised,” he stated regarding the decision. “Whenever a court upholds the rule of law, it never fails to meet my expectations. It’s only when they deviate from the rule of law that I find it surprising.”

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