Where in Russian territory Ukraine’s allies have gained ground is indicated on the map

On Tuesday, Russian military units fighting on behalf of Ukraine declared that they had crossed over into Russian territory and subsequently gained control of a village.

Visegrád 24, an Eastern European outlet, recently shared a map on X (formerly Twitter) illustrating the route supposedly taken by separatist fighters within Russian territory as they reportedly captured land.

“Today, a map created by Arcadi Doge and shared by Visegrád 24 revealed the breaking of Russian forces allied with Ukraine into Russian territory. The war has once again escalated, with the conflict spilling over into Russian soil.”

The message went on to say, “For once, it’s the Russian citizens who are forced to endure the sound of gunfire all day. Voting for Putin again? Not a good idea…”

According to Andriy Yusov, a spokesperson for Ukraine’s military intelligence agency GUR, Russian volunteer groups are not operating under the orders of Kyiv. Yusov stated that these groups act autonomously on Russian territory, pursuing their own social and political objectives.

Mark Krutov, a correspondent for Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, shared a Google Map on X that displayed geolocated spots. This map showcased the locations where the separatist fighters were launching their attacks near the border of Ukraine.

Reports from Moscow authorities indicate that separatist militias have taken military action, following a series of overnight drone attacks inside Russia. These attacks, said to be the largest drone assault on Russia by Kyiv since the war began, targeted sites in nine Russian regions.

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According to reports, a government building in Belgorod was among the targets of the drone attacks. The strike resulted in the tragic loss of four lives, as confirmed by the city’s mayor.

According to reports, Ukraine carried out a drone strike in Russia’s Rostov Oblast over the weekend. The Institute for the Study of War (ISW) think tank stated on Saturday that Ukrainian drones targeted a military plant in Rostov, resulting in the destruction of two A-50 long-range radar detection aircraft.

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