Poll respondents are concerned about immigration, Republicans, and Trump

According to recent polling conducted right after Super Tuesday, Republicans are currently in a favorable position for both statewide races and the upcoming presidential election in North Carolina.

In a recent survey, 65.6% of six hundred likely voters expressed their belief that America is currently heading in the wrong direction. When asked about the most important issue, 25% of respondents prioritized immigration, while 17.8% mentioned the economy and 12.7% brought up abortion. Furthermore, President Joe Biden received a 37.5% approval rating from these voters.

The Carolina Journal, a publication associated with the conservative-leaning John Locke Foundation, commissioned a poll conducted by the firm Cygnal. The survey was conducted on Wednesday and Thursday of last week, and it has a margin of error of +/- 3.99%.

In terms of voting for the Legislature, Republican candidates held a slight advantage over Democrats, with 48.7% of the votes compared to 45.6%. Similarly, when it came to voting for Congress, Republicans maintained a lead with 48.3% of the votes, while Democrats trailed behind with 42.5%.

Gov. Roy Cooper garnered a solid approval rating of 48.9%.

In the presidential election, the majority of respondents showed a preference for former President Donald Trump, with 45.2% favoring him over Biden, who received 39.8% of the support. Around 10% of the participants expressed a desire for an alternative candidate, while more than 5% remained undecided. North Carolina is widely regarded as a battleground state in national elections, with the Republican nominee consistently winning the state since 1968, except for Jimmy Carter’s victory in 1976 and Barack Obama’s in 2008.

Republican Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson currently holds the lead with 43.8% of the vote in the race for governor, surpassing Democratic Attorney General Josh Stein who has 39%. Meanwhile, in the attorney general race, Republican U.S. Rep. Dan Bishop and Democratic U.S. Rep. Jeff Jackson are in a statistical tie, with Bishop at 40.6% and Jackson at 38.5%, both within the margin of error.

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