Walker: Elections are too crucial to let politicians decide on integrity

Wisconsin’s previous governor emphasizes the importance of fair and unbiased elections in the state, urging for the prevention of outside funds masquerading as election assistance.

Former Governor Scott Walker emphasized the importance of voters approving a constitutional amendment to ban the usage of “Zuckerbucks.” He believes that such a measure is necessary to prevent politicians from eroding the trust and confidence of the electorate.

Walker emphasized the significance of elections, stating that they should not be subject to the temporary decisions of those in power at any given time.

Wisconsin voters are set to encounter the proposed amendment on their ballots this Tuesday. If given the green light, it will prohibit local election managers from accepting any form of external funding, grants, or gifts to assist with the electoral process.

In 2020, the Center for Tech and Civic Life, which received support from Mark Zuckerberg, invested over $6 million in election operations in Milwaukee, Madison, Green Bay, Racine, and Kenosha. This proposed ban is a response to their significant financial contribution.

According to local election officials, a portion of the funds was allocated for purchasing hand sanitizer and face masks. However, the majority of the funds were used to support initiatives aimed at increasing voter turnout.

In Green Bay, the CTCL group effectively assumed control over the city’s election operation, as revealed by the emails.

According to Walker, voters should consider such external influence as going too far.

“It is important to have uniformity in elections, regardless of political affiliation. That’s why closing the polls at 8 p.m. and having consistent standards is necessary,” Walker emphasized. “Elections should be managed by official government officials, with transparency to ensure the integrity of the process.”

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According to Walker, he would equally support a ban on outside election funding, whether it is coming from the Koch brothers’ non-profit or Zuckerberg’s left-leaning organization.

Critics argue that Wisconsin lawmakers ought to address the issue of election grants. However, Walker contends that Republicans made efforts to eliminate any potential loopholes for outside funding, only to have their attempts vetoed by Governor Tony Evers.

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