Veterans who patched up pieces of the southern border wall release ‘lock it down’ rap video

A rap video was released on Monday by a group of California veterans who have been actively working to address the immigration crisis and fill in gaps at the US-Mexico border. The video serves as a creative way to generate excitement and promote their private initiatives.

Earlier this year, the group known as “Border Vets” took action by planting hundreds of feet of razor wire and metal stakes in hotspots near Jacumba Hot Springs, located approximately 60 miles outside of San Diego.

In the music video, veterans express their determination to protect the border by urging others to lock it down and stand tall. They call for a united front at the wall, emphasizing the need to stop anyone from getting in. The video showcases a powerful montage of these veterans actively supporting border security.

Larry Hogan expressed his discontent with former President Trump’s directive to the GOP to obstruct a bipartisan border bill. This decision fueled Hogan’s anger to the point where he decided to run for Senate.

Monroe expressed in a statement to The Post that the purpose of the video was to spark a sense of awareness and engagement among the American population. The aim was to encourage people to vote for leaders who prioritize safeguarding our nation.

“Protecting our nation is of utmost importance, and securing the border remains the most effective way to achieve this.”

Monroe, a former Marine, took the initiative to buy razor wire and repair gaps in the border independently. However, she soon received support from Border Vets in this mission.

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Former Border Patrol Chief, Mark Morgan, has expressed his disappointment with President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris for never reaching out to him to discuss border security. In an interview, Morgan emphasized the importance of communication and collaboration, stating that it was essential for leaders to engage with those on the front lines of the issue. Morgan’s criticism comes amid the ongoing border crisis, with increasing numbers of migrants attempting to cross into the United States.

Moreover, Morgan highlighted the confusion caused by the mixed messages coming from the Biden administration. He criticized the lack of clarity regarding immigration policies and the inconsistent messaging on border security. According to Morgan, this has contributed to the surge in illegal border crossings and has put a strain on Border Patrol agents who are trying to uphold the law.

As a former Border Patrol Chief, Morgan brings valuable insights and experience to the conversation surrounding border security. His frustration with the lack of communication from the current administration underscores the importance of open dialogue and collaboration in addressing the challenges at the border. Morgan’s criticisms serve as a reminder that effective leadership involves engaging with experts and understanding the realities on the ground.

In order to effectively address the border crisis, it is crucial for the Biden administration to listen to the perspectives of those who have firsthand experience in dealing with border security. By engaging with individuals like Mark Morgan, the administration can gain valuable insights and work towards finding solutions that prioritize the safety and security of both border communities and migrants. Only through open dialogue and a unified approach can the challenges at the border be effectively addressed.

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In the past, there have been legal concerns surrounding previous private attempts to construct the wall. This is due to the fact that Customs and Border Protection typically prohibits the public from making any alterations to the barrier.

Monroe, however, remains undeterred in her pursuit of California’s 49th Congressional District, which stretches along the state’s picturesque coastline.

The seat is currently occupied by Rep. Mike Levin (D-Calif.) and has been classified as likely Democrat by the Cook Political Report.

The upcoming presidential election on November 5th has put border security at the forefront of contentious debates.

Last week, both President Biden and former President Donald Trump visited the border, making it a contrasting event.

In response to GOP attacks on his record on the border, Biden has defended himself by highlighting the Republicans’ role in derailing a bipartisan Senate agreement to strengthen security just last month.

Republicans have argued that the deal fails to adequately address the issue, while Democrats have complained that the GOP is trying to keep the border situation alive as a political talking point for the upcoming general election.

According to figures from US Customs and Border Patrol, there were an estimated 176,205 migrant encounters at the US-Mexico border in January. This number is down from the record 301,983 encounters in December.

There have been rumors circulating that Biden is considering taking executive action on the border. Furthermore, it is anticipated that he will discuss this matter in his upcoming State of the Union speech on Thursday.

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