Ukrainian President Zelenskyy blames the world for Russian assault

President Volodymyr Zelenskyy had to cancel his scheduled trip to Spain and urgently return to Kharkiv, the second largest city in Ukraine. The situation in Ukraine has become extremely grave, with the city facing imminent danger from the advancing Russian forces.

ABC News had the privilege of accompanying Zelenskyy as he toured a hospital in the city, where he met with and honored soldiers who had been injured in the northern defense. He personally presented them with well-deserved medals of valor.

“I feel a strong sense of importance being here,” he expressed, as we strolled through the corridors.

As an officer read out the names of each injured soldier in every ward, he made a stop. Approaching each bed, the president presented them with a medal. However, this visit to Kharkiv was rushed and posed a risk to the president’s safety, prompting his team to swiftly move around the building.

“The situation is incredibly grave,” Zelenskyy expressed his concerns. “Losing Kharkiv is simply not an option for us.”

Standing near the injured soldiers, he observed the profound impact that the delay in U.S. aid had on the war and the situation along the northeastern border. He emphasized that in the past few days, hundreds of lives had been lost or people had been wounded, with a significant number being soldiers from this region. Therefore, it was crucial for him to be present and provide support to them.

We inquired whether America is responsible for what is currently unfolding in Kharkiv.

“It’s the world’s fault,” he responded. “They provided the opportunity for Putin to seize control. However, now the world has the power to assist.”

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Zelenskyy usually avoids criticizing the U.S., but this time he was a bit more forthright in his remarks.

When we inquired about his thoughts on the recent visit by Secretary of State Antony Blinken, President Zelenskyy expressed a sense of frustration. During the visit, Blinken announced an additional $2 billion in aid, further supplementing the $60 billion already promised in late April. The pause in Zelenskyy’s response indicated his deep-seated concerns.

He expressed the importance of dialogue but emphasized the urgent need for assistance.

The visit near the intense combat zone gives a feeling that it was merely a display of support.

“We only require two Patriot systems,” he emphasized. “With them, Russia’s occupation of Kharkiv will be rendered impossible.”

I informed him that numerous concerns have arisen among Americans regarding the extent of financial resources being allocated to Ukraine. As we approach the upcoming election, this is bound to become a significant matter that American voters will closely consider.

He emphasized that the money is not simply given to Ukraine, but rather spent in American factories, thus creating jobs for Americans. He further stated that the fight for freedom is not limited to Ukraine alone, as it would be the case with any other country.

Upon the president’s departure, we circled back to engage with the soldiers he had just visited.

Maxim, who narrowly escaped death in Vovchansk on Wednesday, has his leg elevated with three large metal pins to keep it straight. These brave men are the ones protecting Kharkiv. Despite his heroic act, Maxim appeared unfazed by the medal he received.

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“It’s truly an honor,” he expressed to me. “However, I would rather bestow this recognition upon the individuals who bravely saved my life.”

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