Taylor Swift and Kim Kardashian are being blocked in large numbers over a viral Gaza trend

Taylor Swift and Kim Kardashian, two prominent celebrities, are currently facing a significant backlash on social media. The primary reason behind this uproar can be attributed to their involvement in the Israel-Palestine conflict, along with other contentious issues.

The two superstars, who happen to be archenemies, have seen a significant decline in their Instagram and other social media followers in recent days. This decline aligns with the current trend of boycotting celebrities that is sweeping the internet.

By now, you’ve probably heard about it, especially after the Met Gala, where the movement gained momentum and people from all walks of life joined forces to boycott A-list celebrities.

Fans are unfollowing their favorite celebrities due to the situation in Gaza. The ongoing conflict and the immense loss of life and destruction have raised concerns among many. Some believe that Hollywood’s elite have not adequately addressed or shown support for Palestine, leading to a loss of followers.

According to reports from social media trackers, both Kim and Taylor have experienced a significant decline in their follower count as a result of this viral campaign. It is estimated that each of them has lost over 100,000 followers, making them the top A-list celebrities affected by this trend. This movement has gained momentum on platforms like TikTok and is gradually spreading to Instagram as well.

With millions of followers on their accounts, the impact may seem insignificant at first. However, as time goes on, there is a growing possibility that it could have a significant effect, which is exactly what these individuals are aiming for in the long run.

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There is a belief that if these celebrities experience a significant drop in their number of followers, it will potentially affect their earnings from sponsored posts and other ventures. However, it is uncertain whether this strategy will yield the desired results.

In addition, there is another aspect to consider: ordinary people who protest against the wealth gap and criticize celebrities for not utilizing their influence and resources to make a greater impact on the world. This adds another dimension to the discussion.

Both Kim and Taylor have remained mostly silent regarding their reactions to the war in the Middle East. However, Kim recently expressed her thoughts when a pro-Palestine protester disrupted her event in Germany, stating that she believes everyone deserves to be free.

Kim expressed her empathy for both the people of Israel and Palestine, stating that she wants everyone to feel safe and free. She emphasized the importance of treating others with respect, highlighting the need for people to be good and considerate towards one another. Kim acknowledged that the current situation is unsettling and urged for unity during these challenging times.

Meanwhile, Taylor has remained silent on the matter, not expressing her opinion one way or the other. It is worth noting, however, that her “Eras” tour movie continued to be shown in Israel even after the October 7 attacks and the subsequent controversy that followed.

Many young people online are expressing their dissatisfaction with the way both of them have reacted (or not reacted) to the turmoil. As a result, they are now attempting to diminish their follower count as a means of retaliation.

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