Trump’s appeal to remove Willis from the case allowed by Georgia Court of Appeals

Just a little over a week since the Georgia Court of Appeals announced its review of the ruling permitting Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis to continue overseeing the Georgia election interference case, it has now given the green light for the appeal filed by former President Donald Trump to proceed. The appeal seeks the removal of Willis and her office from the case.

In a significant ruling, Judge Scott McAfee of Fulton County Superior Court has decided that Willis can continue to handle the case, provided that special prosecutor Nathan Wade recuses himself due to allegations of a romantic relationship between the two.

Willis and Wade confirmed that they were in a relationship, which came to an end last summer. However, they emphasized that this personal connection does not give rise to any conflict and is irrelevant to the current case.

Wade stepped down on the same day that McAfee announced his decision.

Trump and his attorneys later appealed the indictment, arguing that it should have been dismissed. They also contended that Willis and her team should have been disqualified from the case.

The appeal by Trump has been granted by the appeals court, although the start date for the hearings has not yet been announced.

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