East Point teacher alleges she lost her job after reporting that the principal was assaulting a first-grade student

An East Point family recently shared with Channel 2 Action News their decision to file a complaint with the Department of Family and Children Services. The complaint was directed towards their daughter’s school principal, who was accused of abusing a teacher, as informed by the family.

Sarai Gripper’s family received a notification from their child’s teacher, Serita Wilkins, who informed them about an alleged case of abuse involving the principal of their daughter’s school.

The child is currently enrolled at Abundant Grace Academy in East Point.

During an interview with Channel 2 investigative Reporter Ashli Lincoln, Wilkins revealed that the principal would deliberately single out this particular student, frequently removing them from class.

The student reported that she heard the principal verbally abusing her.

The student confided in her teacher, revealing that whenever she got into trouble, the principal would physically abuse her and treat her unfairly compared to other students.

The student further alleges that during these long walks, the principal would physically strike her arms and legs.

The teacher informed the student’s parents about this.

The parents informed Channel 2 Action News that school administrators refuted these accusations. Consequently, they decided to withdraw their daughter from the school and subsequently filed a police report with East Point police and the Georgia Department of Family and Children Services.

Weeks later, the teacher claims she was fired as a form of retaliation for disclosing the alleged abuse to the student’s parents.

According to a separation notice acquired by Channel 2 Action News, the school terminated the teacher’s employment due to “multiple egregious actions that were detrimental to the reputation of the academy and the Dean.”

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After speaking with the principal at Abundant Grace, Lincoln confirmed that there was indeed a DFCS investigation in progress. The principal also strongly denied the allegations made by the family.

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