Tom Suozzi, a Democrat, takes oath in the House, reducing the GOP’s narrow majority

New York Democrat Tom Suozzi was officially sworn into the House on Wednesday night, following his resounding victory in the special election. Suozzi’s appointment comes as a result of the vacancy left by the expulsion of Republican George Santos last year.

The swearing-in of Suozzi has now made the House Republicans’ already slim majority even smaller, with a new count of 219-213. This comes at a challenging time for Speaker Mike Johnson, R-La., who has been facing difficulties in managing his party members and ensuring the smooth functioning of the government.

Suozzi’s comeback to the House has significant implications for Johnson’s leadership team, as they can only tolerate two Republican defections on any vote, assuming that all Democrats vote in opposition. Just before the House adjourned for the Presidents Day recess, Republicans narrowly succeeded in impeaching Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas with a vote of 214-213, after their initial attempt had failed.

Tom Suozzi, 61, served as the representative for New York’s 3rd District from 2017 to 2023. However, he decided to leave Congress in order to pursue an unsuccessful run for governor. In a surprising turn of events, a political newcomer named Santos managed to secure the swing seat, which encompasses Long Island and Queens, for the Republican party in 2022.

But Santos was hit with a bombshell when it was revealed that he had fabricated significant portions of his resume and personal narrative in order to secure his election victory. The Justice Department swiftly responded by indicting him on 23 charges, including wire fraud, falsifying federal records, and money laundering. Santos, however, maintains his innocence and is scheduled to face trial in September.

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Earlier this month, Tom Suozzi, a former county executive and mayor on Long Island, emerged victorious in the special election against Republican Mazi Pilip. This win has provided a significant boost to the Democrats, who are actively working towards regaining control of the House in the upcoming fall elections.

Suozzi tackled the sensitive topics of immigration and border security head-on, a potential vulnerability for Democrats during elections. He criticized Republicans for abandoning a bipartisan agreement to address the challenges at the southern border and manage the unprecedented influx of migrants.

“At his election night victory party, Suozzi expressed his determination to address key issues such as immigration, Israel, and countering Putin. He urged the current Congress to shift their focus from catering to Trump and instead prioritize the needs of the nation.”

Democrats lauded Suozzi’s approach as a “blueprint for Democrats” in November.

House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries, a fellow New York Democrat, expressed his admiration for Tom Suozzi’s positive campaign. Jeffries highlighted Suozzi’s focus on addressing issues like the challenges at the border and his commitment to finding bipartisan common ground through common sense solutions. Jeffries credited Suozzi’s approach as a key factor in his victory.

Scott Wong, a seasoned congressional reporter, covers important stories for NBC News.

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