Timeline and biggest threats by area: Severe weather puts all of Michigan in danger

The entire state of Michigan is under the threat of severe weather on Tuesday, according to 4Warn Weather.

According to the Severe Weather Prediction Center, severe storms are expected to affect the entire state, including the Upper Peninsula. The west side of the state is at a higher risk for these storms.

Southeast Michigan has been categorized as having a “marginal risk” for severe weather, which is the lowest level on the five-level scale.

Today, there are two potential windows for the development of thunderstorms. The first window is in the afternoon and evening, while the second one is overnight. The main threats associated with these thunderstorms are winds reaching up to 60 mph and hail up to an inch in size.

Metro Detroit should be prepared for the possibility of damaging winds and large hail, as these are the primary weather threats in the area.

On Tuesday, the highest risk for severe weather is expected in West Michigan, specifically in areas like Grand Rapids and Benton Harbor. These regions are classified as being in the “enhanced” category, which is the third level on the severity scale.

Severe weather can pose a significant threat to life and property. In Michigan, it is essential to be aware of the different risk levels associated with severe weather events. Understanding what each risk level means can help you take appropriate action to protect yourself and your loved ones.

Northern Lower Michigan

According to NWS Gaylord, there are thunderstorms forecasted for later this evening and tonight. The main concern will be damaging wind gusts, although there is a possibility of hail. The severe storms are expected to be more likely west of I-75 as the line of storms weakens while passing through northern Michigan.

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The storms may bring strong winds, large hail, frequent lightning, and the possibility of a tornado.

Storms are expected to occur between 11 p.m. and 4 a.m. on Wednesday.

Michigan Upper Peninsula

According to the forecast by NWS Marquette, we can expect a couple of waves of showers and thunderstorms later today and tonight. The second wave, in particular, has the potential to bring strong to severe storms.

The most significant dangers associated with storms are wind damage and large hail.

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