Texas Lottery Winner Loses $2 Million Prize Due to One Dollar Opt-Out

Friday night’s Mega Millions drawing did not produce a winner for the coveted top prize of $687 million. This means that the upcoming drawing on Tuesday, March 12 will now offer an estimated jackpot of $735 million.

Second-Tier Winners

Two lucky players, one from Georgia and another from Texas, were able to match the five non-Mega Ball numbers, resulting in a substantial $1 million payout for each of them. Despite no one hitting the jackpot by matching all six numbers, these two individuals still walked away with a significant windfall.

Texas Mega Millions Winner

The lucky winner of the $1 million prize in Texas purchased their winning ticket at a Circle K store in Richwood, Texas.

Richwood, a town with a population of nearly 5,000, is situated just north of Freeport, Texas.

How To Play the Megaplier Option

Players who participate in the Mega Millions game have the opportunity to enhance their winning tickets by adding payouts. The cost of playing Mega Millions is $2, and for an additional dollar, players can opt for the Megaplier option.

When you buy a ticket, any prize you win (excluding the jackpot) will be multiplied by the Megaplier number drawn. This number can range from 2X to 5X.

In Friday’s drawing, the Megaplier was set at ‘3’. If a player managed to match 3 of the 5 non-Mega Ball numbers, they would receive a payout of $10. However, those who had purchased the Megaplier option were in for a pleasant surprise, as they would receive three times that amount – a total of $30.

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Kiss $2 Million Goodbye

Neither of the winners from Georgia or Texas chose to spend an additional dollar on the Megaplier option, which would have tripled their payout to $3 million.

Both winners must have been overjoyed to win a million dollars, but it makes me wonder how they felt about losing an additional $2 million over a decision that was worth only one dollar.

Why Not Opt to Play the Megaplier?

The majority of Mega Millions players choose not to opt-in and add an additional dollar for the Megaplier.

Why should you spend an extra dollar when your chances of winning any prize are relatively low? If that’s your reasoning, then why bother playing the game in the first place?

Choosing the Megaplier option on all your purchases can make a significant difference, as most people don’t buy just one Quick Pick. It’s worth considering that even a dollar can add up over time. Instead of trying to cut corners and save a few dollars, why not aim for a $30,000 payout instead of $10,000? In a recent case on Friday, someone could have won a $3 million payout instead of a million.

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