Texas officials refute Biden’s claims about the border situation

In his state of the union address on Thursday night, President Joe Biden acknowledged the need to address the border crisis, despite his previous assertions over the past three years that there was no such crisis.

In multiple testimonies before Congress, Alejandro Mayorkas, the Secretary of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, has consistently asserted that the border is secure and that the federal government maintains operational control. He has also pointed out that the administration has faced challenges due to an inherited broken immigration system. However, the U.S. House Committee on Homeland Security majority has presented evidence contradicting Mayorkas’ claims, which they argue is one of the grounds for his impeachment.

“We are faced with a straightforward decision,” Biden emphasized on Thursday evening. “We can engage in debates and disputes regarding the resolution of the border issue, or we can take immediate action to address it. I am prepared and eager to address it promptly. Send me the border bill without delay.”

House Speaker Mike Johnson, a Republican from Louisiana, accused the president of “gaslighting” the American people. In a recent statement, Johnson pointed out that Biden has implemented 64 policies that he believes are responsible for creating the border crisis.

The House has already approved a border security bill, HR 2, introduced by U.S. Rep. Chip Roy, R-Texas. However, the Senate chose not to take it into consideration and instead engaged in covert negotiations for a bill that purportedly addresses the issue of illegal entry, despite contradicting the actual language of the bill.

During Biden’s tenure, over 11 million foreign nationals have reportedly entered the United States illegally, surpassing the population of 41 individual states. Additionally, fiscal 2023 witnessed the highest number of arrests of criminal noncitizens in U.S. history, while the greatest number of known or suspected terrorists were also apprehended. Biden addressed these pressing concerns in his speech.

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Nearly three years ago, Texas Governor Greg Abbott initiated Operation Lone Star, a border security mission aimed at preventing illegal entry into the state. Since then, the Texas legislature has dedicated over $11.6 billion to support this endeavor. According to Abbott, Texas is taking the necessary steps to address the issue at hand, something that the Biden administration should also be doing.

In the last three years, Abbott has been actively reaching out to Biden through letters and has taken legal action against his administration several times. He firmly believes that Biden has the power to address and resolve the border crisis through executive action without the need for Congress. Abbott, along with other Republican governors, argues that the existing laws established by Congress should be followed and implemented by the President without delay.

According to Abbott, Biden’s speech was merely a show to persuade the American people that his Administration is effectively ensuring the safety and security of the country. On March 6, 2021, Abbott launched OLS with the aim of protecting both Texas and the nation from the unprecedented surge of illegal immigration, criminals, and dangerous drugs like fentanyl that are entering through the southern border. Abbott emphasized that until President Biden fulfills his responsibilities as Commander-in-Chief to secure the border, Texas will remain steadfast in its efforts, utilizing every available tool and strategy to safeguard the nation.

U.S. Rep. Wesley Hunt, a Republican from Houston, emphasized the longstanding stance of House Republicans. They have been expressing their concerns for several months now. In line with this, they have successfully passed a border security bill. However, the Senate has not shown any interest in considering it. Hunt directly addressed President Biden, stating, “If you want the border bill immediately, then I urge you to instruct Chuck Schumer to take up H.R. 2 tonight. By doing so, it can be on your desk before the weekend!”

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In addition, he made a video where he explains the deliberate creation of the border crisis by the president and Mayorkas.

“It was a deliberate choice,” he explained, “to shift the focus away from the unprecedented number of illegal alien encounters at the southern border and the alarming amount of fentanyl being smuggled in, capable of killing every American.”

According to a report by The Center Square, the Biden administration has seized enough fentanyl to potentially kill the entire global population.

According to Hunt, the president and Mayorkas have taken executive actions that have been detrimental to our national security. These actions include the termination of Trump-era policies like Remain in Mexico, the discontinuation of the border wall construction, and the failure to address fraudulent asylum claims, among others.

It is ironic that when Governor Abbott made the decision to take actions towards securing our border and ensuring the safety of Texans, the White House responded by saying that he was actually obstructing progress.

Hunt inquired, “Getting in the way of what exactly? Are we hindering the resolution of the most severe border crisis our nation has ever seen? Are we preventing the influx of crime, fentanyl, and the harm it brings to our local communities?”

In reference to the bill passed by the House, namely the Secure the Border Act, it is highlighted as a means to build upon the effective policies implemented during the Trump administration. The urgency for action is emphasized, urging Schumer to cease inactivity and consider embracing the most robust border bill in American history as a solution to the ongoing border crisis. The President asserts that Congress has fulfilled its duty, and calls upon the Senate and Joe Biden to prioritize the safeguarding of our nation.

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