Texan man changes his name to ‘Literally Anybody Else’ and runs for president

A Texas man strongly believes that someone other than the current frontrunners from the Democratic and GOP parties should be the president.

And he has decided to take matters into his own hands by entering a highly unlikely race to make a bold statement. He plans to change his name to “Literally Anybody Else” to emphasize his dissatisfaction.

According to Else’s campaign website, America should not be limited to choosing between the self-declared ‘King of Debt’ and an 81-year-old. The website refers to former President Donald Trump and President Joe Biden, stating that “Literally Anybody Else” is not just an individual but a rallying cry.

In an interview published on March 22, Else, 35, shared with Texan news outlet WFAA that his campaign was not centered around sending him to the White House.

The math teacher in seventh grade and veteran of the US Army expressed his desire to provide voters with an opportunity to voice their dissatisfaction with the candidacies of both Trump and Biden.

“According to Else, formerly known as Dustin Ebey, voters are choosing the candidate they perceive as the lesser of two evils, rather than someone they genuinely believe in or support,” Else expressed to WFAA.

“I refuse to accept the notion that people should be forced to choose between two undesirable options when it comes to voting. It is crucial for individuals to have the choice to elect someone who genuinely reflects and represents their values,” he emphasized.

However, the likelihood of Else’s name appearing on the ballots in Texas this November is low. He must submit a petition containing 113,151 signatures from registered voters in Texas who abstained from voting in the GOP and Democratic presidential primaries this month.

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Signature requirements in the United States vary from state to state, which adds an additional challenge for Else. For example, New Jersey has a relatively low requirement of 800 signatures, while California has a significantly higher requirement of 219,403 signatures.

Else expressed his hope that voters would choose to write in his name instead.

He explained to WFAA that we should write that name in because the ballot does not have a “neither” option, and this serves as a suitable alternative.

Not only Else, but many others are also expressing their dissatisfaction with the upcoming rematch between Biden and Trump. According to a poll conducted by Reuters/Ipsos in January, it was revealed that both candidates are not well-liked among voters.

The poll revealed that 70% of the respondents believed that Biden should not pursue reelection, while 56% expressed the same sentiment towards Trump’s eligibility for another term.

“It’s not impossible,” Else confidently expressed to WFAA. “While I acknowledge the challenges ahead, I remain hopeful to see Donald Trump, Joe Biden, and anyone else as viable options.”

“I’m really hoping for an avenue where people like me, who are tired of this ongoing struggle for power between two political parties, can find some relief that actually benefits the average person,” he expressed.

Business Insider reached out to Else for comment outside of regular business hours, but representatives did not respond immediately.

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