In a new poll, Biden has gained ground on Trump in six battleground states

President Biden has made significant progress in narrowing the gap against former President Trump in six out of seven key battleground states over the past month. The latest poll suggests that the upcoming general election race between the two men in November is likely to be a closely contested one.

According to a recent Bloomberg News/Morning Consult poll published on Tuesday, Biden continues to trail behind Trump among all voters in the key battleground states. However, there is positive news for Biden as he has made significant progress in narrowing the gap and has even surpassed the former president in one state.

Biden’s performance in the crucial “blue wall” states of Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin was particularly impressive, according to the poll.

In the Badger State, Biden has taken a 1-point lead over Trump, a significant turnaround from the 4-point deficit he faced in a February survey.

In the states of Michigan and Pennsylvania, both candidates are currently tied, with each receiving support from 45 percent of voters. Previously, a poll conducted in February indicated that Trump was leading in Michigan by 2 points and in Pennsylvania by 6 points.

In Nevada, Biden managed to reduce Trump’s lead from 6 points in February to just 2 points in the recent poll.

In Arizona, the current president has narrowed the margin between him and Trump, although he still lags behind by 5 points. Similarly, in North Carolina, the former president maintains a lead of 6 points.

According to the poll, Trump’s lead in Georgia has increased from 6 points to 7 points.

According to the survey, swing-state voters still favor the likely GOP nominee over Biden, with a lead of 47 percent to 43 percent.

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According to a recent survey conducted by Bloomberg and Morning Consult, a total of 4,932 registered voters in the seven swing states were interviewed between March 8 and March 15. The survey has a margin of error of 3 points in Arizona, Georgia, and Pennsylvania, 4 points in Michigan, North Carolina, and Wisconsin, and 5 points in Nevada.

In early March, Biden’s State of the Union address significantly boosted his performance in the poll. During the address, he energetically highlighted the differences between his agenda and Trump’s rhetoric and actions in his first term as president.

The president has been actively campaigning, traveling to various states such as Georgia, Arizona, Wisconsin, Michigan, Nevada, and Pennsylvania in recent weeks. To further promote their health care agenda, Biden and Vice President Harris will be visiting North Carolina on Tuesday.

Since becoming the presumptive GOP nominee, Trump has only hosted a single event, which was a rally in Ohio to support his preferred Senate candidate before the primary.

He appeared in court on Monday, and his trial in New York for an alleged hush money scheme is set to commence in April.

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