Tennessee’s proposed bill to increase minimum wage to $20 per hour does not pass

A bill proposing an increase in the minimum wage to $20 per hour in Tennessee has been rejected by the General Assembly, according to reports.

The bill, HB 2602, was unsuccessful in both the House’s Banking and Consumer Affairs Subcommittee and the Senate Commerce and Labor Committee on Tuesday.

Representative Gloria Johnson, D-Knoxville and Senator Sara Kyle, D-Memphis introduced HB 2602/SB 2646 on Jan. 31. This bill seeks to raise the hourly minimum wage in the state.

The bill states, “The hourly minimum wage will be increased to $20.00, or the federal minimum wage established under the Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938, whichever rate is higher.”

Tennessee follows the federal minimum wage policy, which is set at the same level as 19 other states, as per the U.S. Department of Labor.

A new bill aimed at increasing the minimum wage for food delivery workers in the state has also been unsuccessful. The bill, HB 2396, did not pass in the House’s Banking and Consumer Affairs Subcommittee on Tuesday.

The bill states that it will raise the minimum hourly wage for food delivery employees in this state from $7.25 to $12.

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