Bill allows working Tennesseeans with disabilities to qualify for TennCare enhancements

The General Assembly is making progress with the TennCare for Working Individuals with Disabilities Act in Nashville, Tennessee.

The Finance, Ways and Means Committee in the Tennessee House has recommended the bill for passage on Tuesday.

Here is a breakdown of the bill’s summary:

The goal of this bill is to eliminate obstacles to employment for individuals who would be considered disabled under the federal Social Security definition, but are limited by their income and resources. It aims to achieve this by offering medical assistance to working individuals with disabilities through a buy-in program that aligns with federal law and Medicaid eligibility criteria. To make the program more accessible, it proposes to use less stringent income and resource requirements as outlined in the Social Security Act. Additionally, the bill suggests implementing cost-sharing requirements that have been approved by the federal centers for Medicare and Medicaid services.

Representative Tim Hicks (R-Gray) introduced it on January 31, while Senator Bo Watson (R-Hixson) introduced it on February 1.

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