Suspicious death of baby in Manheim Park home under investigation by Kansas City police

The Kansas City police are currently conducting an investigation into the suspicious death of an infant discovered on Friday in the Manheim Park neighborhood.

On Friday afternoon, an investigation was initiated by the police officers in the 4100 block of Forest Avenue. The authorities were responding to a medical call concerning an infant who was not breathing around 1:30 p.m., according to Capt. Jake Becchina, a spokesperson for the Kansas City police.

Upon their arrival, officers and emergency medical personnel were directed to a residence where they discovered an unresponsive baby. Immediate assistance was provided by EMS, but unfortunately, the baby was pronounced deceased at the scene.

After arriving at the scene, detectives conducted an investigation and interviewed the individuals who were present when the officers initially arrived. Based on their findings, they concluded that the circumstances surrounding the death were suspicious, warranting further attention. Additional detectives and crime scene investigators were then called upon to thoroughly examine the scene and carry on with the ongoing investigation, as stated by the police.

No additional information has been disclosed about the child.

On Friday afternoon, 31-year-old Corrinne Foreman was startled by the sound of shouting. Moments later, emergency sirens pierced the air, prompting her to step outside her home. As she ventured out, she could hear the distinct sound of someone sobbing, their cries intermingling with the increased presence of law enforcement officers flooding the block.

Foreman, who has been residing in the neighborhood with his family for the past few months, recounted a distressing incident where he heard someone screaming for help. His recollection continued, stating that shortly after the screams, he overheard someone say, “They’re gone. They’re gone.”

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According to Foreman, the block is where numerous families with young children reside. She noted that the sight of police officers on Friday was unusual for the neighborhood.

“This is not a normal thing,” said the resident, expressing disbelief. “My family has lived here for three years and we’ve never experienced anything like this before.”

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