Officer from KCPD faces lawsuit alleging assault, with a history of 3 fatalities and restraining a pregnant woman with his knee

An officer from Kansas City, who has a history of three previous fatal encounters and two previous accusations of excessive force, is now facing a new lawsuit for his alleged actions during another arrest.

Officer Blayne Newton is facing a lawsuit for assault and battery in Platte County Circuit Court. The lawsuit was filed on Tuesday by Bermeeka Mitchell, a resident of Lansing, Kansas.

Mitchell live-streamed an arrest that took place at a Walmart in Platte County on September 11, 2022. Newton, who was off-duty at the time, was dressed in a Kansas City Police Department uniform and driving a KCPD patrol car.

According to the lawsuit, the store detained her in a private room, where Newton apparently informed her that she wouldn’t face charges for trespassing and resisting arrest as long as she agreed not to cause a disturbance when leaving the premises.

According to a court record check, no charges have been filed.

According to the lawsuit, Mitchell asserts that she did not resist arrest and questions the legal grounds on which Newton arrested her.

Court documents reveal that the Office of Community Complaints of the Kansas City Police Department upheld Mitchell’s claims of excessive force. In a letter dated May 2023, the OCC stated that disciplinary measures were implemented, although specifics were not disclosed.

According to Mitchell’s attorney John Picerno, it is highly concerning that the pattern of misconduct within the KCPD continues and there seems to be a lack of effort to address and deter such behavior.

KCPD police spokesman Capt. Jake Becchina stated that Newton, who joined the department in January 2017, is currently serving in the patrol bureau. Becchina mentioned that the department refrains from providing any comments on ongoing legal matters.

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According to the department spokesperson, de-escalation and conflict resolution training are actively provided in the academy and during continuing education courses. Additionally, any potential civil rights violations or instances of excessive force are promptly reported to federal authorities.

Newton’s actions as a KCPD officer have raised concerns among the local community.

According to Steve Young, an organizer with the Kansas City Law Enforcement Accountability Project, Blayne Newton is a serial killer. Young stated, “There are officers who go their entire careers without discharging their weapons. He’s now responsible for three deaths and two assaults that we know of.”

Lora McDonald, the executive director of the social justice organization MORE2, expressed her deep concern over the recent allegations involving Newton. She emphasized the importance of holding him accountable and urged the department to take appropriate action.

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