Students serenade Boebert with “Imperial March” and chant “Beetlejuice” during visit to “liberation camp”

Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) made an appearance at George Washington University’s pro-Palestinian encampment on Wednesday, sporting her trademark red lipstick and brandishing a blue bullhorn.

Visibly rattled, she encountered a barrage of creative jeers while seemingly attempting to protest the ongoing campus protest that has persisted for about a week.

In a video that has been widely shared on social media, students can be heard taunting Boebert by shouting “Beetlejuice,” referencing her controversial night at the theater in Colorado last year. Adding to the atmosphere, some students even joined in to serenade her with a lively rendition of “The Imperial March” by John Williams and the London Symphony Orchestra, which is famously known as Darth Vader’s Theme. Boebert was accompanied by other House Republicans, including Representatives Byron Donalds (FL), Anna Paulina Luna (FL), and James Comer (KY), as they made their way through the campus.

During her visit, Boebert encountered difficulty in removing a Palestinian flag that was hanging over a statue of George Washington. Expressing her frustration, she muttered, “This is America, and that needs to come down.”

According to a quote from The Daily Beast, she expressed her belief that it is crucial for Mayor [Muriel] Bowser to take a more assertive approach in ensuring the safety of the campus and its surrounding area. She also criticized the protestors for being “very disrespectful” towards other students by causing disruptions.

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