Richard Simmons Shares His Thoughts on the McCarthy-Streisand Ozempic Controversy

The ongoing drama between Melissa McCarthy and Barbra Streisand regarding an Ozempic question is far from over. In fact, Richard Simmons has now decided to weigh in on the matter.

In a recent Facebook post, the renowned fitness expert expressed his complete endorsement of Melissa, while also pointing out Barbra’s inappropriate question about whether she was using a weight loss drug.

Richard began his statement by expressing his admiration for Melissa McCarthy, stating, “I absolutely adore Melissa McCarthy… I’ve watched each and every one of her movies.”

Richard turned his attention to Barbra and expressed his thoughts, criticizing, “B.S., a renowned singer, made a comment about her weight loss and even had the audacity to inquire if she had resorted to a popular weight loss injection. How absurd!”


Richard concluded by expressing his apologies to Melissa for his earlier remarks. He also couldn’t help but compliment Melissa, saying, “By the way, Melissa, you look absolutely fabulous!”

On Sunday, Melissa shared a photo on her Instagram page where she appeared noticeably slimmer. The picture captured her attending a gala event alongside her close friend and film director, Adam Shankman.

Barbra faced severe backlash from Melissa’s passionate fans after her controversial comment about Ozempic in the comments section. They criticized Streisand for asking what they considered to be an offensive question.

On Tuesday, Melissa was caught by TMZ on the streets of L.A. and she seemed completely calm about the whole ordeal. When approached by our camera guy, she mentioned that she loves Barbra. It’s important to remember that the two are close friends and have a long history together. In fact, Melissa even shared a duet with Barbra on the singer’s 2016 album, “Encore.”

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In the meantime, Barbra attempted to clarify any misunderstandings by offering a sincere apology on X, expressing that her intention was solely to highlight how incredible Melissa looked.

After that, it appeared as though the matter had been resolved and put to rest. However, with Richard bringing it back up, it remains to be seen what direction this entire situation will take.

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