Steph Curry Reveals Arrival of Fourth Child

Steph Curry, the renowned three-point shooter, has recently shared the exciting news of welcoming his fourth child into the world. It seems that the number four holds a special place in his heart now.

Stephen Curry, the renowned player for the Golden State Warriors, took to Instagram to share some exciting news with his followers. In a heartwarming post, he announced that his wife, Ayesha, and he had welcomed a new addition to their family. The post featured a touching black and white photo, showing Stephen’s hand gently cradling his baby boy’s tiny arm.

Steph Curry revealed that his son surprised them by arriving earlier than anticipated. The basketball superstar shared that his son was born on May 11 and expressed his joy and gratitude for having a happy and healthy addition to their family of six.

Steph Curry also revealed the name of his baby boy – Caius Chai Curry. It seems like there’s a theme going on with the names in the Curry family.


Fans may perceive Ayesha’s pregnancy as a whirlwind journey, considering that she recently shared the news of expecting a child in March. The exciting revelation was made through an exclusive cover story for the magazine, Sweet July.

In an interview with the publication, she revealed that she and Steph believed they were finished having children after the arrival of their third child in 2018. However, they made the choice to give it another try last year.

Congratulations on acquiring your Sixth Man, Currys!

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