12 injured as Qatar Airways Boeing 787 experiences severe turbulence

On Sunday, a Qatar Airways flight encountered a sudden and intense downward motion, causing injuries to twelve individuals. Eyewitnesses described a horrifying scene during the incident.

The flight, which was traveling from Doha, Qatar to Dublin, successfully landed at the Irish airport on Sunday, as stated by its official account.

According to the airport, Airport Police and the Fire and Rescue Departments were present to meet the plane upon its arrival. They found that 12 individuals, including 6 passengers and 6 crew members, had sustained injuries. Out of the injured, eight have been taken to the hospital.

It seems that the turbulence happened over Turkey, but for some reason, the crew decided to carry on with the flight to Ireland instead of taking a detour. The exact reason for this decision remains unclear.

RTÉ News, a local news company, interviewed the passengers once they were able to leave the plane. Their accounts of the incident reveal that the turbulence struck unexpectedly, leaving little time for passengers to fasten their seatbelts.

In the video, several passengers are seen with torn clothes and wide eyes, reflecting the shock and trauma they experienced. However, there are also those who express gratitude for simply making it out alive.

Just days after more than 30 people were injured and one died on a Singapore Airlines flight from London due to turbulence, yet another unfortunate incident has occurred on a Boeing plane.

We shared a video that revealed the aftermath of the incident, displaying the cabin floor filled with debris and oxygen masks suspended from the ceiling. It was a chilling sight, especially considering the plane had descended over 6,000 feet during the ordeal.

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In recent times, there have been several Boeing incidents that have raised concerns about air travel. One such incident involved a plane catching fire in Senegal just a few weeks ago. Additionally, there was a crash landing incident in Istanbul. These incidents have undoubtedly made some individuals anxious about flying.

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