State Police: Drag Racing Driver Involved in Pursuit Crashes on I-395

Kennedy W. Mejia Medina, a resident of Silver Spring, was involved in a midnight incident on the highway. It was reported that Mejia Medina’s Toyota Camry was engaged in a race with another vehicle. The Virginia State Police intervened and tried to initiate a motor vehicle stop near Edsall Road in Fairfax County.

Medina attempted to escape the situation by maneuvering the vehicle between two other southbound vehicles, a move commonly referred to as “splitting the lane.” Unfortunately, this resulted in a collision with both vehicles, causing them to lose control and ultimately crash near Exit 2 for Edsall Road, as reported by the police.

Afterward, the Camry traveled a short distance before ultimately coming to a halt.

Mejia Medina was charged by state police with several offenses following an incident where he eluded police and caused an injury. Medina and his passenger were transported to a local hospital to receive treatment for their non-life-threatening injuries. The charges against Medina include eluding police, participating in a race that resulted in an injury, damaging property, and violating taillight regulations.

The individuals in the other two vehicles were also taken to a nearby hospital for medical care due to their non-life-threatening injuries.

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