Al B. Sure Reiterates His Past Warning About Diddy’s Recent Actions and Hints at Someone Trying to Silence Him Before His 2022 Coma

Oh no! Al B. Sure recently hinted that Diddy may have played a role in his coma in 2022, leading to 50 Cent mocking the music mogul. However, Al B. Sure reveals that he had already forewarned people about this situation back in 2012, and his warning has proven to be true.

50 Cent has denied the physical and sexual assault claims made by Daphne Joy. He believes that she is retaliating against him because he is seeking sole custody of their son. This comes after allegations against Diddy.

On Friday evening, Al B. Sure, also known as Albert Joseph Brown III, made an appearance at the Equal Justice Now Awards in Los Angeles. He was there to support his equal access to healthcare initiative, in collaboration with attorney Ben Crump. During his speech, Al B. Sure hinted at an upcoming project, stating, “We’re going to produce the Al B. Sure life story. So, get ready. You’ll finally learn the truth about my coma and the role Homeland Security played.”

Al B. Sure’s recent statement appeared to directly criticize Diddy’s properties being raided by Homeland Security Investigations in New York, Los Angeles, and Miami on March 25. HSI stated that the raids were part of an investigation into federal crimes allegedly involving the mogul, as mentioned in multiple lawsuits. Since November 2023, Diddy has been at the center of at least five separate cases involving allegations of abuse, sexual assault, rape, and sex trafficking. Despite not facing any charges or arrests, HSI reportedly confiscated “several electronic devices” from his residences in LA and Miami.

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According to Al B. Sure, he had already given us a heads-up about the raids. On July 14, 2012, AllHipHop released an article titled “Hip-Hop Rumors: Is Al B. Sure Going Crazy Or Dissing Diddy? Or Both?” The article mentioned that Al B. Sure had written a mysterious letter a day or two prior to the article. In the letter, the singer seemed to imply that Diddy was targeting him. Al B. Sure’s message, as quoted by AllHipHop, was as follows:

“Important Read: I want to say that I love you from the bottom of my heart and I appreciate the consistent love from you over the years musically and all else. I am originally a hustler from the streets of Mt. Vernon, from very humble beginnings, from a loving Mom who made sure I went in 100% on all and made something of the music craft that I’ve loved dearly. I thank you for sharing it with me over the years. I am just a human being, not perfect, but [one that] loves hard and appreciates all [that] God has allowed to happen in my life. Even my enemies, specifically the wealthy ones that can’t help but be jealous of me, and even the broke ones that have entered my life with ulterior motives, which are mostly because of my trusting, giving spirit and willingness to help everyone whether they deserved it or not. From getting artists record deals and them selling millions of records to helping those from being put out into the street or feeding them when they claim they have no food and I ask for nothing. I’ve come to find out that there are some very jealous and ‘Bad’ people out here that you all know, love, and worship at times that are so jealous of me and doing some very ‘Bad’ things to me, like stalking my place of rest and even faking as if they are workers for major cable companies, etc. We all are getting the hint by now. They’ve also gotten to people closest to me (exes, co-workers, fakers, and plants) by playing games, threatening to kill them first if they turn them in, and or paying them money if they can get me to show up, by telling me they are in need and seeing if I’ll drop everything to help, as well as offering them things they can’t refuse in their desperate lives which makes them complete trash when they accept. They’ve even gone as far as getting them implants, devices, and cameras watching me at home and following me around, and they communicate and feed them lines by walkie-talkies to try and set me up, etc. Even renting a place in my neighborhood. The best part of why God is so amazing is that I now know exactly who the idiot(s) are and the fake aliases all are and I wish them all Godspeed. So FYI: If I (Al B. Sure! a.ka. Al Brown) is found DEAD please contact my attorney Arthur Aaronson and he will have all of the information on everyone including their own closets emptied out and the main culprit ‘funding it’ all. I will share who the key players are with you so as I said if I am found DEAD you will know the who what shortly after. Since they seem to think that it’s a joke or that I am f**k*ng joking we will find out who’s really from Mt. Vernon and not faking it. As I said, ‘Continue to F*** with a hungry, wounded animal in the woods with nothing to lose and you will eventually get eaten.’ All involved and my favorite Bohdi Bear Rest in Peace…to my Sons, I love you severely! ABS!!!”

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In the summer of 2022, Al B. Sure found himself in a coma. Reports state that he suddenly fell ill and collapsed while working on new music. He spent over two months in a coma, being intubated and on a ventilator with a tracheotomy. After making a recovery, Al B. Sure has been dropping hints about his past condition and has recently announced that he will be sharing his life story in an upcoming project.

After announcing his life documentary and indirectly referencing Diddy in his statement, Al B. Sure caught the attention of rapper 50 Cent. 50 Cent reposted the speech and couldn’t help but comment, “Man, Diddy really got you in trouble. Gotta admit, some of this stuff is pretty funny to me. LOL. Why didn’t anyone else call out this guy besides me?”

In response to 50 Cent, Al B. Sure made it clear, “Fif, you already know. Everyone’s talking tough, but they missed the July 2012 story where B reached out to all Law Enforcement agencies. He accurately predicted all this current activity and was met with skepticism. They called him crazy, but turns out he wasn’t so crazy after all, huh? Andre Harrell even asked Al B. to co-executive produce the UpTown Records story and soundtrack, and now he’s nowhere to be found. Interesting. Happy Easter.” The singer also shared the link to the AllHipHop article.

Al B. Sure reminds 50 Cent that he had previously warned about Diddy’s current activities as far back as 2012. He also revealed that he had foreseen someone trying to silence him before his coma in 2022. This revelation was made by Al B. Sure in a recent post on Hollywood Unlocked.

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