Breaking News: Speaking in front of hundreds, a 7-year-old child asks lawmakers in Tennessee to alter the state’s gun regulations

Hundreds of people took to the streets outside the Tennessee State Capitol in Nashville on Tuesday, urging lawmakers to enact what they perceive as common-sense gun laws.

Dozens of moms from Moms Demand Action joined forces with other gun reform organizations at Legislative Plaza, united in their mission to prioritize the safety of children.

7-year-old Marco Vicencio Warbington believed it was essential for people to hear directly from a student like him.

“Hello, everyone! I’m Marco, a first-grade student at Shwab Elementary,” he enthusiastically announced to the crowd gathered in the plaza. “When I’m with my friends, playing hide and seek is one of my favorite things to do. However, I must admit, I’m not a big fan of hiding at school.”

Marco and his mother, Ashley Warbington, have been advocating for changes to state gun laws for nearly a year.

Ashley expressed concern about the lack of consideration given to children by legislators.

Marco addressed the largest audience yet at Capitol Hill on Gun Violence Prevention Day, with a significant crowd in attendance.

Ashley expressed a mix of emotions, stating, “I feel proud that he has the ability and willingness to address an audience.”

Hundreds of people are hoping that their voices will succeed in taking guns away from those who shouldn’t have them, as students in Tennessee continue to practice active shooter drills.

Ashley expressed her uncertainty about the possibility of him still being alive, emphasizing that it hinges on his ability to remain silent.

“We have a significant battle ahead of us, and it’s crucial that we continue to fight,” she expressed. “The fact that so many individuals came out today to support this cause is truly remarkable. I feel fortunate to have witnessed such a powerful display of solidarity.”

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After the rally, numerous participants headed to the Cordell Hull Building with the intention of engaging in discussions with lawmakers. Despite the session coming to a close in about a month, they remain optimistic that there is still ample time to have meaningful conversations and bring about the desired change.

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