Family Dollar Faces $41 Million Fine for Warehouse Infested with Rodents

Family Dollar has agreed to pay a total of $41.675 million in penalties to the federal government for its role in allowing a distribution center in the Midwest to become infested with mice.

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The Department of Justice (DOJ) made an announcement on Monday, stating that the Dollar Tree subsidiary has admitted guilt to a misdemeanor charge. The charge is related to the company’s role in causing FDA-regulated products to become adulterated due to unsanitary conditions during storage.

The West Memphis, Ark., distribution center of Dollar Tree was initially alerted to mouse and pest problems following store deliveries in August 2020, as reported by the DOJ. Additionally, the company acknowledged in January 2021 that some of its employees were aware of the compromised consumer safety resulting from its practices.

The rodent-infested facility kept sending its products to 404 stores in Alabama, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, and Tennessee until January 2022. The FDA inspection results brought this issue to light.

During the inspection, the Department of Justice (DOJ) discovered a range of concerning issues at the facility. These included the presence of live rodents, as well as the discovery of dead and decaying rodents. Additionally, evidence of rodent feces, urine, and odors was found throughout the facility. The DOJ statement highlighted the presence of gnawing and nesting, indicating the extent of the rodent infestation.

The company has been hit with the biggest-ever monetary criminal penalty resulting from a food safety issue.

In February 2022, the company initiated a recall on various products, including human and animal food, medical devices, cosmetics, and drugs. However, during the extermination process, 1,270 rodents were discovered in the facility, according to the Department of Justice (DOJ).

Family Dollar has reopened its doors in Washington, D.C. following a temporary closure due to a rodent infestation. The discount retailer took swift action to address the issue and implemented comprehensive measures to ensure a clean and safe shopping environment for its customers. The company worked closely with local health authorities to resolve the problem and took steps to prevent any recurrence in the future. Family Dollar remains committed to maintaining high standards of cleanliness and hygiene at all its locations to provide a positive shopping experience for its valued customers.

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Jonathan Ross, the U.S. attorney for the Eastern District of Arkansas, strongly criticized Dollar Tree’s actions, just like the FDA and other government officials.

Ross, in a statement, expressed his disbelief that Family Dollar, a retail store, would knowingly sell unsafe and unsanitary products despite being aware of the rodent and pest issues at its Arkansas distribution center. He emphasized that consumers trust these stores to provide safe products and that selling such items not only jeopardizes public health but also undermines consumer confidence in the products they purchase.

Dollar Tree’s CEO and chairman, Rick Dreiling, acknowledged that he inherited the problems when he joined the company. However, he has been proactive in addressing these issues and taking necessary steps to move forward from them.

Dollar Tree’s CEO, Dreiling, expressed his commitment to addressing the issues at Family Dollar’s facility. He stated, “Having reached full resolution with the DOJ, we are continuing to move forward on our business transformation, safety procedures, and compliance initiatives.” Dreiling acknowledged his disappointment upon learning about the unacceptable issues at the facility when he joined the Board of Directors in March 2022. Since assuming the role of CEO, he and his team have been working diligently to assist Family Dollar in resolving this historical matter. They have also made significant improvements to policies, procedures, and physical facilities to prevent a recurrence of such issues in the future.

In a recent statement, Dollar Tree announced that its Arkansas distribution center, which is currently undergoing reconstruction, is set to reopen and operate at full capacity by fall 2024. The company is expecting this new facility to generate 300 job opportunities in the state.

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The company has taken steps to ensure the cleanliness and compliance of its other facilities by hiring a safety, sanitation, and compliance manager. They are committed to addressing any issues and maintaining a squeaky-clean environment.

Dollar Tree Inc. has reached a comprehensive safety agreement following 403 Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) violations. This raises questions about whether Dollar General will be the next company to face similar scrutiny.

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