‘Significant’ Storm to Hit Hardest Cities Revealed by California Rain Map

The National Weather Service (NWS) meteorologists took to social media to share a map that highlights the cities in southern California that will be most affected by an approaching storm set to arrive over the weekend.

California has experienced an unusually wet winter with an abundance of rain and snowfall. This is due to a series of moisture-laden storms and atmospheric rivers that have been hitting the state since January. These atmospheric rivers have not only helped to alleviate the severe drought conditions from last year but have also replenished many of the state’s reservoirs. However, along with the much-needed rainfall, California has also seen its fair share of destructive floods and landslides caused by these storms.

According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, atmospheric rivers are described as long, narrow regions in the atmosphere that resemble rivers in the sky. These atmospheric rivers play a crucial role in transporting the majority of water vapor outside of the tropics.

According to the NWS office in Los Angeles, winter is not quite over yet as March comes to a close. There is a significant storm approaching for the holiday weekend, bringing widespread rainfall of 1-3 inches. However, in the foothills and mountains, the rainfall amounts are expected to be higher, ranging from 3-6 inches. This information was shared by the NWS office on X, previously known as Twitter, on Tuesday evening.

NWS Los Angeles shared an updated rainfall prediction map in a separate post.

According to the forecasts, Pine Mountain, Ojai, and Pasadena are expected to receive the highest amounts of rain, with 3.83 inches, 3.49 inches, and 3.14 inches respectively. On the other hand, Lancaster is anticipated to receive the least amount of rain, with only 1.01 inches. Additionally, the storm is also expected to bring snowfall, with Wrightwood potentially receiving up to 12 inches, Tejon Pass up to 18 inches, and San Rafael Mountain up to 24 inches of snow.

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Earlier this week, the latest rainfall map indicated that Los Angeles was projected to receive 1.87 inches of rain from the incoming storm. This amount was nearly equal to the city’s average monthly rainfall, and it was expected to occur within just four days. However, the updated forecast now suggests that the city may experience an even greater downpour, with 2.07 inches of rain anticipated to begin on Friday.

Los Angeles has already exceeded its average annual rainfall for the water year, which spans from October to September. As of Monday morning, the city has received nearly 20 inches of rain, surpassing the average by 6.65 inches. Remarkably, there are still six months remaining in the water year. San Diego and Riverside have also experienced rainfall above their annual averages.

California is bracing for a series of three consecutive storms, all of which are packed with moisture. The first storm is on its way, with the next two storms close behind.

Last weekend saw the arrival of the initial storm, followed by an ongoing second storm that is mainly affecting northern California and nearby states like Oregon and Washington. The third and final storm of this series is currently approaching southern California.

According to AccuWeather meteorologists, Southern California is likely to experience its last notable storm of the late winter/early spring season over the weekend. However, they predict that there will be more storms on the way for the central and northern regions of the state.

The National Weather Service (NWS) has issued a warning about the potential for significant flooding with the incoming storm. The heaviest rainfall is expected on Friday, but steady showers will continue throughout the weekend on both Saturday and Sunday. Additionally, there is a slight chance of thunderstorms on Saturday night, with a remote possibility of severe storms.

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