Several holes appear in the screen set up to block tourist snapshots of Mount Fuji

Officials in a Japanese town are working to repair holes in a huge black screen that was erected last week to deter tourists from taking photos of Mount Fuji and overcrowding the area, according to reports on Tuesday.

Last Tuesday, Fujikawaguchiko, a renowned destination for viewing and capturing the breathtaking mountain scenery, erected a protective screen. However, the following day, officials discovered a hole in the screen. By Tuesday morning, they had identified approximately ten similar holes, all positioned at eye level, seemingly designed perfectly to accommodate a camera lens.

A particularly beloved spot for viewing Mt. Fuji is just outside a Lawson convenience store. From this vantage point, if you take a photo from a specific angle, it appears as though the majestic mountain is perched on top of the store’s roof.

According to officials, local residents have expressed their concerns about tourists obstructing the narrow sidewalk and trespassing onto busy roads or private properties in order to capture their desired photographs.

The town allocated 1.3 million yen ($8,285) in funds to erect a 2.5-meter (8.2-feet) tall black mesh net that spans 20 meters (66 feet), along with installing extra fences along the sidewalk.

Officials have stated that the screen has played a significant role in alleviating traffic congestion in the area.

Other popular tourist destinations like Kyoto and Kamakura have also been dealing with the problem of over-tourism.

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